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Ticket #1674: server.log

File server.log, 9.2 KB (added by Jiang, 4 years ago)

server log detailing the crash

2X.Org X Server 1.15.1
3Release Date: 2014-04-13
4X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
5Build Operating System: Linux 4.4.0-97-generic x86_64 Ubuntu
6Current Operating System: Linux workstation 3.13.0-121-generic #170-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 14 09:04:33 UTC 2017 x86_64
7Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-121-generic root=UUID=acb9f77c-053a-4cad-850c-eddd001f3ed7 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=7
8Build Date: 13 October 2017  01:59:06PM
9xorg-server 2:1.15.1-0ubuntu2.11 (For technical support please see http://www.ubuntu.com/support)
10Current version of pixman: 0.30.2
11        Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.x.org
12        to make sure that you have the latest version.
13Markers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,
14        (++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,
15        (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.
16(++) Log file: "/home/qian2/.xpra/Xvfb-10.log", Time: Thu Oct 26 15:26:48 2017
17(++) Using config file: "/home/qian2/.xpra/xorg.conf"
18(==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"
19Initializing built-in extension Generic Event Extension
20Initializing built-in extension SHAPE
21Initializing built-in extension MIT-SHM
22Initializing built-in extension XInputExtension
23Initializing built-in extension XTEST
24Initializing built-in extension BIG-REQUESTS
25Initializing built-in extension SYNC
26Initializing built-in extension XKEYBOARD
27Initializing built-in extension XC-MISC
28Initializing built-in extension SECURITY
29Initializing built-in extension XINERAMA
30Initializing built-in extension XFIXES
31Initializing built-in extension RENDER
32Initializing built-in extension RANDR
33Initializing built-in extension COMPOSITE
34Initializing built-in extension DAMAGE
35Initializing built-in extension MIT-SCREEN-SAVER
36Initializing built-in extension DOUBLE-BUFFER
37Initializing built-in extension RECORD
38Initializing built-in extension DPMS
39Initializing built-in extension Present
40Initializing built-in extension DRI3
41Initializing built-in extension X-Resource
42Initializing built-in extension XVideo
43Initializing built-in extension XVideo-MotionCompensation
44Initializing built-in extension SELinux
45Initializing built-in extension XFree86-VidModeExtension
46Initializing built-in extension XFree86-DGA
47Initializing built-in extension XFree86-DRI
48Initializing built-in extension DRI2
49Loading extension GLX
502017-10-26 15:26:48,474 created unix domain socket: /home/qian2/.xpra/workstation-100[0m
51[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,474 Warning: failed to create socket directory '/var/run/xpra'[0m
52[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,474  [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/run/xpra'[0m
53[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,474 Warning: cannot create socket '/var/run/xpra/workstation-100'[0m
54[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,474  [Errno 2] No such file or directory[0m
55[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,474  /var/run/xpra does not exist[0m
56[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,474  user 'qian2' is a member of groups: adm, tty, dialout, cdrom, sudo, dip, video, plugdev, lpadmin, scanner, sambashare[0m
57[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,474   (missing 'xpra' group membership?)[0m
58[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,675 Warning: libvpx ABI version 5 is too old:[0m
59[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,675  disabling YUV444P support with VP9[0m
60[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,713 Warning: failed to load the mdns avahi publisher:[0m
61[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,713  No module named avahi[0m
62[33m2017-10-26 15:26:48,714  either fix your installation or use the 'mdns=no' option[0m
632017-10-26 15:26:49,409 html server unavailable, cannot find websockify module[0m
64[33m2017-10-26 15:26:49,594 Warning: webcam forwarding is disabled[0m
65[33m2017-10-26 15:26:49,594  the virtual video directory '/sys/devices/virtual/video4linux' was not found[0m
66[33m2017-10-26 15:26:49,595  make sure that the 'v4l2loopback' kernel module is installed and loaded[0m
672017-10-26 15:26:49,595 found 0 virtual video devices for webcam forwarding[0m
682017-10-26 15:26:49,610 pulseaudio server started with pid 21038[0m
69E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.
70/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gobject/constants.py:24: Warning: g_boxed_type_register_static: assertion 'g_type_from_name (name) == 0' failed
71  import gobject._gobject
722017-10-26 15:26:50,138 GStreamer version 1.2.4 for Python 2.7.6 64-bit[0m
732017-10-26 15:26:50,148 D-Bus notification forwarding is available[0m
742017-10-26 15:26:50,158 xpra X11 version 1.0.9-r17247 64-bit[0m
752017-10-26 15:26:50,158  uid=1000 (qian2), gid=1000 (qian2)[0m
762017-10-26 15:26:50,158  running with pid 20971 on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 trusty[0m
772017-10-26 15:26:50,158  connected to X11 display :100[0m
782017-10-26 15:26:50,223 xpra is ready.[0m
792017-10-26 15:26:50,791 printer forwarding enabled using postscript and pdf[0m
802017-10-26 15:26:50,792 15.4GB of system memory[0m
81[33m2017-10-26 15:26:51,145 Warning: pulseaudio has terminated shortly after startup.[0m
82[33m2017-10-26 15:26:51,145  pulseaudio is limited to a single instance per user account,[0m
83[33m2017-10-26 15:26:51,146  and one may be running already for user 'qian2'[0m
84[33m2017-10-26 15:26:51,146  to avoid this warning, either fix the pulseaudio command line[0m
85[33m2017-10-26 15:26:51,146  or use the 'pulseaudio=no' option[0m
862017-10-26 15:27:14,043 New tcp connection received from[0m
872017-10-26 15:27:41,544 New tcp connection received from[0m
882017-10-26 15:28:16,673 New tcp connection received from[0m
892017-10-26 15:28:25,789 New tcp connection received from[0m
902017-10-26 15:29:26,390 New tcp connection received from[0m
912017-10-26 15:29:26,483 Handshake complete; enabling connection[0m
922017-10-26 15:29:26,557 Python/Gtk2 Linux Ubuntu 14.04 trusty client version 1.0.8-r16783 64-bit[0m
932017-10-26 15:29:26,557  connected from 'T61' as 'qian2' - 'Jiang Qian'[0m
942017-10-26 15:29:26,557  using rgb as primary encoding[0m
952017-10-26 15:29:26,557  also available:[0m
962017-10-26 15:29:26,557   h264, vp9, vp8, png, png/P, png/L, rgb24, jpeg, rgb32[0m
972017-10-26 15:29:26,559  client root window size is 2720x1024 with 1 display:[0m
982017-10-26 15:29:26,559   :0.0 (720x271 mm - DPI: 95x95)[0m
992017-10-26 15:29:26,559     VGA1 1280x1024 (376x301 mm - DPI: 86x86)[0m
1002017-10-26 15:29:26,559     LVDS1 1440x900 at 1280x124 (304x190 mm - DPI: 120x120)[0m
1012017-10-26 15:29:26,624 server virtual display now set to 2720x1024[0m
1022017-10-26 15:29:26,630 setting key repeat rate from client: 500ms delay / 30ms interval[0m
1032017-10-26 15:29:26,632 setting keymap: rules=evdev, model=pc105, layout=us,gr[0m
104The XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xkbcomp) reports:
105> Warning:          Symbol map for key <KPDL> redefined
106>                   Using last definition for conflicting fields
107Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server
108[33m2017-10-26 15:29:26,659 Warning: keymapping removed an invalid keycode entry:[0m
109[33m2017-10-26 15:29:26,659  keycode 108 points to 2 modifiers: mod1, mod5[0m
110[33m2017-10-26 15:29:26,659  from definition: ('Alt_R', 0), ('Meta_R', 1), ('ISO_Level3_Shift', 2)[0m
111[31m2017-10-26 15:29:26,671 server error processing new connection from Protocol(tcp socket: <- 'module' object has no attribute 'algorithms_available'
112Traceback (most recent call last):
113  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/server/server_base.py", line 1153, in parse_hello_ui
114    self.do_parse_hello_ui(ss, c, auth_caps, send_ui, share_count)
115  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/server/server_base.py", line 1175, in do_parse_hello_ui
116    self.send_hello(ss, root_w, root_h, key_repeat, auth_caps)
117  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/server/server_base.py", line 1390, in send_hello
118    capabilities = self.make_hello(server_source)
119  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/x11/server.py", line 260, in make_hello
120    capabilities = X11ServerBase.make_hello(self, source)
121  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/x11/x11_server_base.py", line 238, in make_hello
122    capabilities = GTKServerBase.make_hello(self, source)
123  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/server/gtk_server_base.py", line 75, in make_hello
124    capabilities = ServerBase.make_hello(self, source)
125  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/server/server_base.py", line 1355, in make_hello
126    capabilities = ServerCore.make_hello(self, source)
127  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/server/server_core.py", line 1121, in make_hello
128    capabilities = flatten_dict(get_network_caps())
129  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/net/protocol.py", line 73, in get_network_caps
130    digests = get_digests()
131  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/xpra/net/crypto.py", line 115, in get_digests
132    digests = ["hmac", "xor"] + ["hmac+%s" % x for x in list(reversed(sorted(hashlib.algorithms_available)))]
133AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'algorithms_available'[0m
1342017-10-26 15:29:26,673 Disconnecting client[0m
1352017-10-26 15:29:26,673  server error (error accepting new connection)[0m
1362017-10-26 15:29:26,674 xpra client 1 disconnected.[0m
137[33m2017-10-26 15:29:26,677 DPI set to 32 x 24 (wanted 96 x 96)[0m
138[33m2017-10-26 15:29:26,677  you may experience scaling problems, such as huge or small fonts, etc[0m
139[33m2017-10-26 15:29:26,677  to fix this issue, try the dpi switch, or use a patched Xorg dummy driver[0m