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Ticket #258: ghost-popup.patch

File ghost-popup.patch, 781 bytes (added by onlyjob, 9 years ago)
  • wimpiggy/composite.py

    Last-Update: 2013-02-14
    Author: Dmitry Smirnov <onlyjob@member.fsf.org>
    Forwarded: yes
    Bug-Xpra: https://www.xpra.org/trac/ticket/258
    Description: fixing regression in r2281 -- prevent server-side crash
     and reduce probability of indestructible ghost-windows.
    a b  
    6969            trap.swallow_synced(xcomposite_unredirect_window, self._window)
    7070        if self._damage_handle:
    7171            trap.swallow_synced(xdamage_stop, self._window, self._damage_handle)
    7272            self._damage_handle = None
     73            self._contents_handle = None        # needed to avoid crash
    7374        self._window = None
    7576    def acknowledge_changes(self):
    7677        if self._damage_handle is not None and self._window is not None: