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Ticket #309: gl_cairo_fill.patch

File gl_cairo_fill.patch, 709 bytes (added by Antoine Martin, 8 years ago)

use cairo to paint the backing glarea white

  • xpra/gl/gl_window_backing.py

    287287        debug("render_image %sx%s at %sx%s pixel_format=%s", rw, rh, rx, ry, self.pixel_format)
    288288        if self.pixel_format not in (YUV420P, YUV422P, YUV444P):
    289289            #not ready to render yet
     290            cr = self.glarea.get_window().cairo_create()
     291            cr.rectangle(rx, ry, rw, rh)
     292            cr.set_source_rgb(1, 1, 1)
     293            cr.fill()
    290294            #self.white_paint(rx, ry, rw, rh)
    291295            return
    292296        divs = get_subsampling_divs(self.pixel_format)