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Ticket #309: gl_render_on_init.patch

File gl_render_on_init.patch, 820 bytes (added by Antoine Martin, 8 years ago)

calls render_image as soon as we init the gl window (use in combination with gl_cairo_fill or gl_white_paint patches)

  • xpra/gl/gl_client_window.py

    2020        ClientWindow.__init__(self, client, group_leader, wid, x, y, w, h, metadata, override_redirect, client_properties, auto_refresh_delay)
    2121        self.set_reallocate_redraws(True)
    2222        self.add(self._backing.glarea)
     23        self._backing.glarea.realize()
     24        self._backing.render_image(x, y, w, h)
    2426    def is_GL(self):
    2527        return True
    2729    def do_expose_event(self, event):
    28         debug("GL do_expose_event(%s)", event)
     30        debug("GL do_expose_event(%s) on window", event)
    3032    def do_configure_event(self, event):
    3133        debug("GL do_configure_event(%s)", event)