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Ticket #573: info-nothreading.patch

File info-nothreading.patch, 609 bytes (added by Antoine Martin, 7 years ago)

this fixes the problem by not using threading for info processing (temporary workaround)

  • xpra/server/server_core.py

    625625            except Exception, e:
    626626                log.error("error during info collection: %s", e, exc_info=True)
    627627            callback(proto, ui_info)
    628         thread.start_new_thread(in_thread, ())
     628        #thread.start_new_thread(in_thread, ())
     629        in_thread()
    630631    def get_ui_info(self, proto, *args):
    631632        #this function is for info which MUST be collected from the UI thread