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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#476 workarounds for crippled desktop environments without a system tray (ie: gnome3) assigned enhancement critical future client
#530 allow client side shadow windows to be resized assigned enhancement critical 4.2 client
#33 if an application changes the screen size on the server via randr - what do we do? assigned task major future server
#508 MS Windows taskbar integration assigned enhancement major 5.0 platforms
#47 keep hidden/minimized windows' pixels around so we don't need a roundtrip to the server to show them accepted enhancement minor future client
#387 wayland server backend assigned task minor 4.2 server
#389 ms windows shadow server improvements assigned enhancement minor 4.2 server
#405 better native tray support for *nix assigned enhancement minor future client
#579 resizing the transparent_window test application causes paint problems assigned defect minor future tests
#617 f265 encoding support assigned enhancement minor future encodings
#622 seccomp security support assigned enhancement minor future core
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