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#28 wontfix large windows on android will cause out-of-memory problems Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

There are a number of things we can do here, some easier than others.

  • do not request window damage data for off-screen regions. We can then make the local window buffer no bigger than the android device screen which should allow us many windows before we hit the oom.
  • scale windows down. this may also be a nice feature associated with pinch to zoom in/out
  • combining the two features above is probably quite hard

Useful link:

#29 wontfix android client does not pass key events at all! Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

This is actually quite tricky. The drag layer intercepts a lot of events, so we first have to let them pass through, then the xpra window (an android view) will have to catch those and translate them into something the server can deal with.

Then there is also the issue of popping up the android on-screen keyboard: the view is not an input element so the keyboard is never shown at present.. not sure how that's done either. We probably want to have it shown only if the meny key is pressed as it uses a lot of screen space.

#30 fixed android window dimensions and inner dimensions Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

The current implementation is just a hack with ugly (and hard-coded!) offsets for the window frame we draw ourselves. This needs to be replaced with something that actually works properly!

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