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#42 fixed suggestion: "xpra detach" command Antoine Martin Norman Rasmussen

ref: http://code.google.com/p/partiwm/issues/detail?id=40

Reported by Lalo Martins, Dec 2, 2010:

My pattern of using xpra is that I leave a session running permanently on my home server, then attach to it from my laptop when the laptop is on. When I want to detach, I usually do "ps xw | grep xpra" and then kill the ssh process. It would be nice if xpra itself had a "detach" command instead, to better mirror screen.

Thanks again for the great software and the help with the other issue :-)

#43 fixed tray icon and menu icons are blank Antoine Martin Norman Rasmussen

Using: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid

Even though it the logs show the icon_file is detected, the icon does not show in my tray notification area. There's a smallish (10px) blank space which I can click to get the menu.

None of the menu items have icons either, some have a no-entry style icon, which I think means bad image, or similar.

I'm happy to help debug, but I'm not sure where to start.


$ xpra attach -d all |& head -n 20
parse_shortcuts(['meta+shift+F4:quit'])={'F4': (['meta', 'shift'], 'quit')}
get_icon_filename(xpra.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/xpra.png, exists=True
set default window icon to /usr/share/xpra/icons/xpra.png
get_icon_filename(information.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/information.png, exists=True
get_icon_filename(configure.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/configure.png, exists=False
get_icon_filename(slider.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/slider.png, exists=True
get_icon_filename(keyboard.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/keyboard.png, exists=True
get_icon_filename(retry.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/retry.png, exists=True
get_icon_filename(quit.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/quit.png, exists=True
get_icon_filename(close.png)=/usr/share/xpra/icons/close.png, exists=True
get_tray_icon_filename using default: /usr/share/xpra/icons/xpra.png
write thread: waiting for data to write
read thread: waiting for data to arrive
'setxkbmap -query' failed with exit code 255
#44 fixed right-click freezes window display Antoine Martin pmarek

I've got a xchat window; a right-click on a URL should popup a menu, but only gives an empty white rectangle, and the window is not refreshed anymore.

XPra=>refresh doesn't help; but clicking on the button location changes the title, and I can send my input to IRC.

using strace on the server gave me this: (sadly not in any logfile!) - please read with caution, might have garbled something.

29976 11:59:23.303694 send(22, "PS00000000000050l21:new-override-redirecti4ei826ei683ei338ei94edee", 66, 0) = 66
write(2," ....:"
Unhandled exception in thread started by
<bound method ServerSource.damage_to_data of <xpra.server.ServerSource object at 0xa75504c>>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File \"/usr/lib/xpra/xpra/server.py\", line 311, in damage_to_data
(_, _, ww, wh) = self._desktop_manager.window_geometry(window)
 File \"/usr/lib/xpra/xpra/server.py\", line 85, in window_geometry
return self._models[model].geom\n"

<OverrideRedirectWindowModel object at 0xa801a7c (wimpiggy+window+OverrideRedirectWindowModel at 0xa7d72d0)

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