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#1531 needinfo Html client. Decoration is an option Denis01 Denis01

Hello, create an option on login screen to activate/dis-activate screen "decoration" processing

#1533 invalid Html+proxy. Download/upload Antoine Martin Denis01

Hello, have looked through the evolutions in 2.1 version and see the ticket #1376 (html5 users should be allowed to upload/download). Tried to do upload/download but didn't figured out how to do it in case of Proxy and Libreoffice. In Libre office just tried to open the file menu ("open new file") and tried to drug and drop. Didn't work. It is possible in such configuration? If yes, how?


#1537 fixed XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not created Denis01 Denis01

Hello, Centos 7.3 XPRA proxy 2.1-r15785 After reboot of server and start of Proxy error appears:

Warning: failed to create socket directory '/var/run/user/1000/xpra'
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/run/user/1000/xpra'
Error: failed to setup control socket '/var/run/user/1003/xpra/localhost.localdomain-proxy-2244':
[Errno 2] No such file or directory

So the folder "/var/run/user/1000/xpra" should be created manually (with assigning the rights for the user to read/write ). After that Proxy starts working

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