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#48 fixed xpra thinks the window is not visible, so maximizing and other things won't work Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

This bug was originally recorded as #35 and although the symptoms are somewhat similar, this particular issue manifests itself differently: no need for scrolling pages, simply maximizing the window sitting at the front is enough to show this in the server log:

resize_window to 1590x1019, desktop manager set it to 1590x1019, visible=False

Which is obviously wrong as the window IS visible.

This looks exactly like winswitch bug 163: "Maximizing does not work correctly".

Please record your local window manager and anything which may be relevant to this bug. Are you using ssh to connect to the server? Are you using ssh -X from the server to somewhere else? Can you reproduce it without? etc Does this happen with vi or just any window?

#49 fixed show version information in about dialog Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Would be quite useful, could also show the remote (server) version too.

This would to be placed in a separate file, modified during do-build in a similar way to winswitch's build_info.py

#50 fixed a trick for transferring keyboard modifiers to xpra server Antoine Martin Heroxbd

at present xpra client only transfers the output of "xmodmap -pke" to xpra server. this is enough for simple cases.

However if xmodmap_data contains modifications of keyboard modifiers like Shift_L Control_R, xmodmap in xpra server usually screws up.

We'd better clear the relavent modifiers and readd them after applying keymap table from "xmodmap -pke".

Unfortunately xmodmap do not have a "-pme" feature. I came up with a quick hack by make a wrapper of xmodmap to print "clear" and "add" clauses around keymap table.

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