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#915 needinfo Sound Forwarding to client doesn't work (for me) fervi fervi

I tried to do with Xpra from version 0.14 to 0.16 (Beta of Winswitch)

The point is that I want to do audio transfer from the server to the client. Voice server originated from Xpra, but the client does not sound at all. It follows that Xpra not see PulseAudio? (?), Even though it is running and the other applications have no problem with that.

My system is Debian Stretch (64-bit version)

#941 needinfo Key Release events miss akaWolf akaWolf

Sometimes it happening, that some keys didn't released.

I get two logs of when key release doesn't occured: client attachment/ticket/941/941-client.txt and server attachment/ticket/941/941-server.txt. I'm not sure, which one key is leave pressed, but I find some strange GDK_KEY_PRESS keyval=ISO_Next_Group, and then GDK_KEY_RELEASE keyval=Shift_R

attachment/ticket/941/941-client2.txt -- it's another log of a keyboard bug at client side. as you can see, there is GDK_KEY_PRESS keyval=Control_R (at 12:33:41,572), but there is no GDK_KEY_RELEASE keyval=Control_R (after 12:33:41,572).

All info about my client and server environment is included in #939.

#1013 needinfo ubuntu wily is not installing config files in /etc/xpra Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

I have repeatedly installed and removed the package, both via apt-get and directly with dpkg.

The files are present in the package, as can be seen with:

  • dpkg -c
    dpkg -c xpra-0.15.8-1_amd64.deb | grep /etc/xpra/
  • after installation with: dpkg -L:
    dpkg -L xpra

Both commands will list:


Watching /etc/xpra during the install, I can see briefly some temporary files getting created there: xpra.conf.dpkg-new and xorg.conf.dpkg-new.

Recording this ticket here in case someone else sees this.

The packages are built exactly the same way, and they work fine on all the other distros and versions... Looks like more Ubuntu breakage.

I have no interest in fixing this at the moment.

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