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#1397 fixed Regression: cannot minimise windows displayed by xpra Alfred Alfred

Clicking the minimise-window button on any window displayed by xpra does not minimise the window. Instead, the window appears to minimise for a few milliseconds and then returns to its original size. The problem occurs every time.The other window-buttons (maximise, close) work as expected.

Steps to reproduce:
First get xpra to display a window, eg,

xpra start :10 && DISPLAY=:10 xterm & xpra attach :10

Then click on the xterm's minimise-window button.

Software affected: (client and server on the same machine)
No changes were made to the stock configuration of xpra or the operating system. The issue can be reproduced using a fresh install of xpra and the operating system in a virtual machine.

  • xpra versions affected: 1.0-r14532-1
  • xpra versions _not_ affected: 0.15.10-1

Operating systems affected: Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.

Window managers affected:

-> xfwm4 (in the xubuntu-desktop package)
-> compiz (in the gnome-session-flashback package in ubuntu 14.04)
-> I have _not_ tried the 'unity' desktop, because my hardware is too old.

Hardware affected:
The problem occurs not only in a virtual machine (kvm) but also on real hardware (intel core2 with gma x3100 integrated graphics)

#1398 fixed Installation of xpra fails in ubuntu-16.04 due to missing dependencies Alfred Alfred

xpra-1.0-r14532-1 depends upon libvpx1, but ubuntu-16.04 only contains libvpx3.
xpra also depends upon libx264-142, but ubuntu-16.04 only contains libx264-148.

The workaround is to obtain the dependencies from ubuntu-14.04.

#1477 fixed Xpra Proxy same user session management Andreas Andreas


i want to test the nvenc proxy server functionality of xpra.

My proxy multi auth file looks like:


how can i attach e.g. the session to the ip from a client? Maybe its already possible in some way, but i dont know how to do?

Im searching for something like this:


and on the client:

xpra attach --username=john --password-file=/home/testing/password.txt tcp:i31forhlr4:443/session-to-glxgears --encoding=h264
xpra attach --username=john --password-file=/home/testing/password.txt tcp:i31forhlr4:443/session-to-xterm --encoding=h264



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