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#8 fixed Xpra sun.awt.X11.XlibWrapper.XGetAtomName issue Antoine Martin nicolyon

When trying to run http://www.mucommander.com/ on xpra i got an error about the atom name but on local X i don't have this.

I Try with the svn version of xpra.

#10 fixed Xdummy standalone and packaging Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

There are a number of issues that can only be solved by having a proper supported Xvfb server with modern extension support (randr, etc), ie: #1, #2 (and potentially others - original winswitch ticket)

Although this is not strictly an Xpra thing, and is unlikely to live in the this xpra source repository, it is best to record this somewhere. There are number of tasks:

  • create an xorg project based on xorg-server, but with the ability to specify absolute config paths and dummy defaults
  • merge it upstream and/or package it
  • add code to xpra so it will use randr to resize the virtual framebuffer to the exact screen dimension of the client (currently resizes to the nearest size bigger than the client's)

All the info should now be here: wiki/Xdummy]

#12 fixed support cursors Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Need a way to detect which cursor is used (when changed) and ensure the client also changes the cursor.

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