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#90 fixed python3 and gtk3 support J. Max Mena Antoine Martin

Makes sense to bundle this together since python3 is only really supported with gtk3 and vice versa.

Main work items:

  • backwards compatible python3 changes (via 2to3 mostly), most already done in r618, r619, r620, r621 and r622
  • python3 strings: changes need testing on python2.5, also need to ensure that calling encode(..) and decode(..) does not adversely affect performance
  • for other non-backwards compatible python3 changes, find a way to run 2to3 during build so we can keep a unified source tree in python2 format. (main issue here: catch exception syntax change)
  • gtk3 imports have moved and now require annotation to silence pydev lint
  • gtk3 methods on gtk.Window have changed, client.py will need to provide wrapper methods:
    • gdk.get_default_root_window().get_pointer() (removed)
    • gdk.get_default_root_window().get_size() (removed)
    • gtk.Window.__init__(win, wintype) (removed: no arg constructor now)
    • window.set_geometry_hints(...) (signature changed)
    • window.flags() (removed - must call get_$FLAGNAME)
    • window.window.set_cursor(..) (renamed to window.override_cursor?)
    • window.window.invalidate_rect (now window.queue_draw_area)
    • do_expose_event(event) is now do_draw(context)
    • window.window.get_geometry (removed, must now call get_position() and get_size()?)
    • constants have moved
    • gdk.keymap_get_default (removed?)
    • gdk.Cursor can no longer use pixbuf..
    • ...
  • gtk3 removed GdkPixmap and GdkImage, we're supposed to be using cairo but cairo.ImageSurface.create_for_data is not implemented in pycairo and there are no alternatives (ouch!)
  • PIL (Python Imaging Library) is not available on python3 (so we can't use that to fix cairo either)
#91 fixed Control key not forwarded hamar hamar

Control-C does not work inside an xterm. Actually any Control-X. Same is true for the Super-Key.

Reproduce: start xterm and a second xterm from there. Trying to kill second xterm with Control-C in first xterm fails.

#92 fixed osx client is missing some key mappings Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

As originally reported here on the mailing list: the 'a' key goes MIA.

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