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#1374 fixed Printing doesn't work anymore with XPRA_HTML5 ERIC GRAMMATICO ERIC GRAMMATICO

Testing build xpra-1.0-1.r14502.el7_2.x86_64.

Printing is not working anymore with XPRA_HTML5. Please find XPRA_SERVER logs attached.

I made test with exact platform, but connected with XPRA_CLIENT and it works.

Thanks and regards,


#1376 fixed html5 users should be allowed to upload/download ERIC GRAMMATICO ERIC GRAMMATICO

Upload/download any type of file from html5 interface is not possible for the time being.

At this time of writing only pdf printing is possible.

#1604 invalid Poor performances with html5 client ERIC GRAMMATICO ERIC GRAMMATICO

I have very poor performances with html5 client. Not sure it's a regression from 2.0 as I didn't play with XPRA since a while.

My Xapp is remote, connecting to X11 through TCP. My html5 clients connect through xpra proxy. Maybe something doesn't help for performance in this config ?

Looking at the code, I realized h264 and others codecs were commented. Thus I have modified the code as the following:

[root@www www]# diff /usr/share/xpra/www/js/Client.js /usr/share/xpra/www/js/Client.js.bak 
<       this.enabled_encodings = ["jpeg", "png", "rgb", "rgb32", "h264", "vp8+webm", "h264+mp4", "mpeg4+mp4"];
<       this.supported_encodings = ["jpeg", "png", "rgb", "rgb32", "h264", "vp8+webm", "h264+mp4", "mpeg4+mp4"];
>       this.enabled_encodings = [];
>       this.supported_encodings = ["jpeg", "png", "rgb", "rgb32"];     //"h264", "vp8+webm", "h264+mp4", "mpeg4+mp4"];

[root@www www]# diff /usr/share/xpra/www/connect.html /usr/share/xpra/www/connect.html.bak 
<                                           <option value="h264">h264</option>
<                                           <option value="vp8+webm">vp8+webm</option>
<                                           <option value="h264+mp4">h264+mp4</option>
<                                           <option value="mpeg4+mp4">mpeg4+mp4</option>

Whatever value is selected in 'encoding' fields, the logs report:

xappdisp_eric | 2017-07-28 13:25:15,011 HTML5 Posix Firefox client version 2.1
xappdisp_eric | 2017-07-28 13:25:15,012  as 'eric'
xappdisp_eric | 2017-07-28 13:25:15,012 via Linux 4.11.10-100.fc24.x86_64 proxy version 2.1 on 'xpra-proxy'
xappdisp_eric | 2017-07-28 13:25:15,013  automatic picture encoding enabled
xappdisp_eric | 2017-07-28 13:25:15,013  also available:
xappdisp_eric | 2017-07-28 13:25:15,013   jpeg, png, rgb32, h264, vp8+webm, h264+mp4, mpeg4+mp4

The version used is 2.1-2.r16525.el7_3.

1/ The server should say in the logs which encoding is selected in automatic

2/ The server shouldn't keep automatic encoding selection when encoding field is filled in connect.html



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