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#2371 needinfo Mouse doesn't update position unless mouse button is held down Sean Rhone Sean Rhone

Hi, I'm using Xpra with VirtualGL to try to play a game for rudimentary UI scaling (render the game at 1080p, stretch it up to 4K): https://i.imgur.com/fpHNI1D.jpg

If I start Xpra with just start (xpra start), the cursor on the game windows doesn't change position unless I hold down a mouse button.

If I start Xpra with start-desktop, the cursor updates fine, but the game window loses decoration and is in an awkward, unresizeable position: https://i.imgur.com/L1D5zk2.jpg

I'm thinking it could be solved with a flag or environment variable, but I'm unsure of what to try, and would appreciate any suggestions.

OS: Fedora Workstation 30 (GNOME)

#2843 needinfo Slow keyboard input FlowerBee FlowerBee

When I use URXVT or Firefox the keyboard will react very slow to my inputs, but it does not seem to be because of redraw etc. as I am running it on localhost with a local socket.

Firefox playback is smooth, but input is still slow. URXVT does not paint a lot, as was suggested for me. I am running NixOS using unstable channel - but xpra is latest stable 4.0.2.

I have attached logs of urxvt and xterm + info commands from it.

#1479 fixed Option to attach to local session when creating it Giuseppe Bilotta Giuseppe Bilotta

I often use Xpra to improve the (local) accessibility of applications that don't support High DPI displays properly. So my typical workflow is:

$ xpra start --start=lodpiprogram
$ xpra attach --desktop-scaling=2

Moreover, I actually have to wait for the Xpra server to fully start before firing up the client: xpra start ; xpra attach sometimes just doesn't cut it.

Having an option to actually start the client automatically would be of great help. Something like:

xpra start --start=cmd [other options] --attach [attach options]

This would essentially run the usual start program, and when done it would try to run xpra attach :DISPLAY [attach options] where :DISPLAY is the display started by this call.

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