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#826 fixed Title bar don't support Unicode Antoine Martin John1221

Server: Trusty with xpra 0.15 r8802 Client: MS Windows 7 with xpra 0.15 r8826

Title bar don't support Unicode. Unicode chars become '?' char. Previous version as 0.14.x support Unicode very well.

#959 fixed The Firefox window is disabled if you are opening and focus it at the first time John1221 John1221

I'm running xpra 0.15.4-1(r10209) for both server(Trusty) and client( Win 7 64bit). + From server: start xpra with cmd: xpra start :100 --start-child=firefox --bind-tcp= + From client: attach xpra with cmd: xpra attach tcp:IP:10000 + Now the Firefox window is opened and focused. The maximize button from titlebar is disabled. + Then if we make the Firefox window lost focus and refocus => The maximize button is enabled now.

#223 fixed Allow the use of ssh:<host>:<display> for the start subcommand Antoine Martin Jon Severinsson

I usually start my xpra sessions from the client, using ssh and --start-child=«cmd». Currently this requires using "ssh «host» xpra start :«display» --start-child=«cmd»", and if «cmd» includes spaces and/or " or ', the extra escaping needed is butt-ugly, and easy to get wrong. I'm currently solving this by using an doubly escaping shell script, but it should really be internal to xpra, using the same display syntax as a remote attach (eg xpra start ssh:«host»:«display» --start-child=«cmd»).

Bonus points if would be possible to start a session and attach to it using a single ssh session, so that a user only has to supply his password once for this common use case. That would probably need a new "start-and-attach" sub command that accepts any options accepted by either "start" or "attach".

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