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#122 fixed drop compatibility for versions without the "raw_packets" feature (pre 0.3.x) Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Follow up from #68, this will allow us to simplify the code greatly:

  • "_queue_write" becomes a simple inline call to "self._write_queue.put(data)"
  • "set_deflate" can be handled outside protocol: just setting the new value asynchronously, removing lots of cruft from protocol written specifically for dealing with threading
  • remove the unconditional calls to "self._decompressor.decompress" from the main read thread loop (do it per packet only)
  • the code to change the compression level is tricky, and probably racy too... and we can get rid of all that.
#123 fixed provide an /etc/xpra/defaults.conf configuration file where administrators can set sensible default values Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

would be especially useful for things like "--socket-dir" (see #120) and "--xvfb=Xdummy.." (see #10 and Xdummy)

We can also place the Xdummy's xorg.conf in /etc/xpra/

#125 fixed Explicitly declare change_encoding_speed function Antoine Martin أحمد المحمودي

While compiling, this warning is emitted:

xpra/x264/codec.c:1623:3: warning: implicit declaration of function 'change_encoding_speed

I found this function defined in xpra/x264/x264lib.c, so I made a patch to declare this function in xpra/x264/x264lib.h

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