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#1118 needinfo sink.py is not able to play sound in ubuntu 15.10 and xpra 0.16.2. Kundan Kundan

sink.py is not working properly to play sound recorded with src.py.

The xpra version is v0.16.2.

I have done some modification into it. And, then it is working properly. But, changes are not the exact changes, it may need some further modification. But, it worked for me.

I am attaching the modified sink.py.

The changes are done at line (355, 356), (358,359), (271,272,273)

Please accommodate these changes. So, that others may not face this issue.

#1141 fixed Sound loop is created when both microphone and speaker forwarding is enabled. Kundan Kundan



I tried to test the latest changes related to microphone forwarding and speaker forwarding from the latest source of v0.16.x.

I took the 4 files

client/ui_client_base.py server/source.py sound/gstreamer.py sound/wrapper.py

And, copied it to appropriate folder in my xpra folder at following location. My current xpra version is 0.16.2


With the current changes, automatically the default input device get's selected in the recording tab of pavucontrol.

But, the sound loop issue is still there.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Open an xterm from the remote machine.
  2. Enable both microphone and speaker forwarding

Sound loop starts.

Let me know, if any further information is required.

#1596 fixed Webcam is greyed out, even when v4l2loopback device is present. Kundan Kundan

The webcam field in the Xpra Client is greyed out, even when we create a v4l2loopback device by modprobe v4l2loopback devices=1 on Ubuntu 16.04. I checked the device. The virtual device was present. The command, I used to start xpra and attach it.

xpra start :10 --bind-tcp= -d webcam --webcam=/dev/video1 &
xpra attach tcp:
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