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#132 fixed idle_add is a latency bottleneck in damage_to_data Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

When we get many small areas in damage requests, we may end up scheduling hundreds of calls to idle_add from damage_to_data which causes the latency to shoot right up.


  • Run the whole damage_to_data in one idle_add call - or even run it directly from damage (via damage_now or send_delayed). This would reduce the number of idle_add calls at the cost of making one longer idle_add call...
  • Keep track of how many idle_add calls are pending and use this measure to update the batching delay. (but this may still not allow the many small regions to be coalesced..)
  • Prefer full frame refreshes over many small regions by increasing packet_cost and/or decreasing pixels_threshold

Or a combination of the above? Or??

Once done, we can deal with #135

#133 fixed Wrong encoding in window title bars Antoine Martin Alex

Since version 0.2.0 the text in window titles are not valid if it contains non-Latin characters. Rolling back to version 0.1.0 allows you to get rid of the problem. Tested on Debian Squeeze (version 0.1.0 from debian-backports version 0.2.0 or higher of the http://winswitch.org/downloads/debian-repository.html) and gentoo linux.

The report prepared with the assistance tanslate.google.com

#136 fixed Please get setup.py to install xpra_launcher.1 manpage Antoine Martin أحمد المحمودي


The desktop launcher xpra_launcher.desktop has those fields:

Exec: xpra_launcher
TryExec: xpra_launcher

although setup.py actually installs xpra_launcher as xpra:

    scripts=["scripts/parti", "scripts/parti-repl",
             "scripts/xpra", "scripts/xpra_launcher",

The attached patch corrects the name of the executable to 'xpra'.

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