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#1698 fixed server fails when logging to ~/.xpra/ Antoine Martin Boruch

The parsing for option 'log-dir' does not seem to be expanding shell variables, such as ~, $HOME, or $USER, and causes the server to fail when the 'log-dir' option is set with those variables.


When changing option log-dir in file /etc/xpra/60_server.conf from its default "auto" to "~/.xpra", the xpra server fails to launch. The alternative "~/.xpra" is provided for in the comments for the config file. The entire STDERR output is

Warning: cannot use the system proxy for 'start' subcommand,
 failed to connect to '/run/xpra/system':
 [Errno 111] Connection refused
InitException: cannot open log file '~/.xpra/S9585.log': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '~/.xpra/S9585.log'
xpra initialization error:
 cannot open log file '~/.xpra/S9585.log': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '~/.xpra/S9585.log'

However, the directory does exist, with adequate permissions, and xpra does create two files there (a commented-out 'xpra.conf', and a 'run-xpra' executable).

When reverting the log-dir option to its default, 'auto', the server does start, but the log file, at /run/user/$UID/xpra/:1.log includes:

failed to rename Xorg log file from '/run/user/1007/xpra/Xorg.S13030.log' to '/run/user/1007/xpra/Xorg.:1.log'
 [Errno 2] No such file or directory
-- END---------------

The log files that do exist are: :1.log and Xorg.S13030.log.old


Experimenting with the option on both the command-line and in the config file showed that the server WOULD succeed when the explicit path to ~/.xpra was used, ie. /home/.../.xpra, and would fail with the same output as above for $HOME/.xpra and /home/$USER/.xpra

#1701 fixed multiple system trays are unclear Boruch Boruch

Version: Xpra gtk2 client version 2.1.3-r17247 64-bit Platform: Debian Stretch / Devuan Ascii Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-3-amd64 [Debian version: 4.9.30-2+deb9u5 (2017-09-19)]

Running more than one xpra instance yields a separate system tray icon for each; however, I don't see any useful or immediate indication anywhere which system tray belongs to which instance.

The only visual association between a tray and an xpra instance seems to require first selecting the tray menu item "raise windows", which will switch focus to that instance's xpra window, if that's noticeable.

There are two textual indications, but they aren't very useful (to me as a user, at least):

1) there is a tooltip on mouse hover over each tray icon which by default indicates the X display number only.

1.1) One can invoke a server or client with the option "--session-name"; however, once a session has started and client attached, I see no way to name the session, or to rename the session.

2) The same limited information is deep in the system tray menu. Select tray menu item "session info", then select tab "connections", then observe the server / client display. If you remember which is which, that would be useful, I guess, in a very delayed manner. However, on that screen, session names do not appear.

3) When a session is named on the server side, ie. when invoking xpra start, the system tray menu labels its second menu item as "session info". However, when naming the session on the client side, ie. when invoking xpra attach, that menu item is labeled "info: <session-name>", which is much more useful.


A] Combine all system trays into a single icon, in order to reduce clutter in the system tray, and have the menu cascaded, where the first level indicates the X display --AND-- some other identifier for the instance, such as the session name or the name of the program initially launched.

B] Set a session name by default instead of having it blank. Maybe use the command line of the program launched.

C] Allow renaming live sessions, from the system tray and from the command line.

D] Include session-name in the output of xpra list

E] Include session-name in the display tabs of the "session-info"

#1702 fixed process data for session info display J. Max Mena Boruch

It would be nice for the "session information" menu item of the system tray to display information about the processes related to that session, something either similar to htop or pstree, but restricted to processes of that session.

An advantage of some form of htop tab would be an ability to send a signal to a process within the session, without the risk of confusing it with an identical program running in another xpra session.

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