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#158 fixed xpra: mouse position out of sync Antoine Martin أحمد المحمودي

This issue was filed on Debian:

I tried running firefox in xpra, and I could not click most UI elements.

Examining closely I found that the mouse pointer is way more to the right (like 50~100px) than what xpra thinks.

Minimizing the firefox window and restoring seems to fix the issue.

However, mouse is heavily used in X. Inability to rely on cursor position being what it appears to be makes the clients in xpra kind of hard to use.

#160 fixed max_packet_size check is in the wrong place Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

It can fire from the network thread before we have had a chance to increase the limit.

Will need to apply to 0.3 too..

#161 fixed Resizing xterm no longer snaps to correct size Antoine Martin Martin Ebourne

Not sure when this started but it is present in current head. Resizing an xterm locally snaps the window size to a multiple of the character width/height in the window. This used to work the same over xpra but now the window is resized to any pixel and the window padded with an annoying white gap to fill any spare pixels (it is very visible with a black xterm background).

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