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#35 fixed Window does not properly refresh Antoine Martin Doug Doole

In recent builds, I've been having window refresh issues, particularly when using gvim. If I page up or page down, or search for a term that requires moving more than a page in the file, then sometimes the window doesn't redraw properly and the top part of the window is the new text and the bottom part of the window is whatever was displayed previously. The point in the window where the redraw stops is not consistent, although it's generally about mid-window.

Most of the time, using "refresh" from the system tray icon's menu will clear up the drawing problem.

I have observed this behaviour on both and I did not see the problem on

My client is on Kubuntu 11.04 and my server is on Ubuntu 10.04.

Please let me know what diagnostics I can gather to help you narrow this down.

#36 fixed Cursor left and cursor down do not repeat Antoine Martin Doug Doole

The cursor left and cursor down keys are not auto repeating for me. All other keys that I have tried (including cursor up and cursor right) do auto repeat.

I have seen this in and

Cursor left and down were repeating in

#37 fixed Typo in xpra manpage Antoine Martin أحمد المحمودي


There's a typo (overriden instead of overridden) in xpra manpage, the attached patch fixes this typo

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