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#25 fixed xpra window icons can be far too big Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

During testing on android (and sending icons as png as per r176) I noticed that some window icons, sent as "icon" as part of the window metadata can be up to 256x256 in size. Most of the time these are only used as a small icon in the window's title bar and in the task manager. Also, as far as I know there are no constraints on the size which will be accepted by the window manager. Therefore, to try to minimize the use of bandwidth we should scale those down to a more reasonable size before sending, maybe 48x48?

#26 fixed keyboard detection code should live in platform Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

rather than exporting X11_KEYMAPS from the platform code:

from xpra.platform import X11_KEYMAPS

We should export a get_keymapping_data method from there which returns (xkbmap_print, xkbmap_query, xmodmap_data). The existing code can then be moved to the posix implementation and we then have the possibility of doing something else for osx/win32 (returning None until implemented).

#27 fixed support png encoding of pixel data as an alternative to jpeg and raw Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

android currently uses jpeg because BitmapFactory cannot handle the raw pixel data sent by xpra. We should add a --encoding=[jpeg|png|raw] option passed to the server via capabilities to allow us to encode pixel data as png. As far as I can tell, this is the easiest way of getting non-lossy pixel data on android clients.

The code can simply use the same method as used for the window icon in r176 Then probably do #31 as it will be easy.

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