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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2800 win32 python2 builds have crypto packaging problems Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 packaging
#2813 bundle a better run_scaled Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.1 packaging
#2820 Installing Cinnamon yum package group does not work on CentOS 7 because of package dependencies akikoo defect minor 4.1 packaging
#2827 x264 and ffmpeg RPM conflicts Antoine Martin defect blocker 4.1 packaging
#2862 deb packages missing dependency on python3-gi-cairo Antoine Martin defect minor 4.1 packaging
#2871 xpra package is missing openssl as mandatory dependency on Ubuntu Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 packaging
#2886 Mac OS installer for 4.0.4 fails at validating package step ljw1 defect blocker 4.1 packaging
#2889 xpra i386 should depend on python 3.8 in debian bullseye thevladsoft defect minor 4.1 packaging
#2895 xpra: failed to fetch 3.0.12 stdedos defect major 4.1 packaging
#2901 `svnversion -n ..` may lead setup.py to loop forever goekce enhancement minor packaging
#2911 xpra from ubuntu repository broken packaging Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 packaging
#2926 fedora 33 rpm dependencies problems Antoine Martin defect critical 4.1 packaging
#2979 deb recommends install gnome desktop by gnome-shell-extension-appindicator mviereck defect major 4.1 packaging
#2980 Cannot install stable version on debian bullseye / python3<3.9 not available Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 packaging
#2994 cx_Freeze 6.5 is broken: No module named 'xpra__main__' Antoine Martin defect minor 4.1 packaging
#3006 python2-lz4 in centos 7.9 Caleb Khor defect major 3.1 packaging
#26 keyboard detection code should live in platform Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.0.7.x platforms
#37 Typo in xpra manpage Antoine Martin defect minor 0.0.7.x platforms
#66 "mdocml" cannot process xpra.1 Antoine Martin defect trivial 0.0.7.x platforms
#74 svn 471: Error converting Pyrex file to C: bindings.pyx:324:50: Expected ')' Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x platforms
#92 osx client is missing some key mappings Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.3 platforms
#93 xpra via ssh X11 forwarding from OSX client crashes when system bell used Antoine Martin defect major platforms
#107 resizing a maximized window yield strange results Antoine Martin defect major 0.3 platforms
#168 Build ffmpeg for win32 Antoine Martin task major 0.8 platforms
#253 upgrade libav for win32 ahuillet task major 0.9 platforms
#266 CentOS 5.9 installation issues with 0.8.5 alas defect minor 0.9 platforms
#267 CentOS 6.3 pulseaudio issues with 0.8.5 defect major 0.9 platforms
#270 build minimal x264 / libav on win32 rather than fat binaries Antoine Martin task major 0.9 platforms
#271 Ubuntu 12.10 x86_64 with v0.8.6 deb installed from repo crashes hard in x264lib.c Antoine Martin defect critical 0.9 platforms
#272 fix/improve MS Windows clipboard handling alas enhancement major 0.9 platforms
#277 pulseaudio command issues with CentOS 5.x alas defect minor platforms
#281 get the x264 codec to compile on win32 (with encoding bits) ahuillet task major 0.9 platforms
#289 ensure the osx build include all the gstreamer modules we need (and only those) Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 platforms
#299 try newer gstreamer win32 builds aradtechkk task critical 0.9 platforms
#300 setup a proper build infrastructure for win32 builds Smo task major 2.0 platforms
#318 clipboard client-to-server support on OSX alas task minor 2.2 platforms
#379 osx client with sound output never restarts SmO defect major 0.10 platforms
#382 build universal osx binaries (multi-arch) or drop 32-bit support Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.0 platforms
#383 Xephyr + Xpra keyboard problem on Mac OS X 10.8 roberto hashioka defect minor 0.11 platforms
#403 win32 system tray should load image data from a buffer Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.11 platforms
#407 handle .xpra file associations on osx Antoine Martin task minor 0.17 platforms
#420 Xpra does not hold the gtk global mutex while calling into gtk Antoine Martin defect major platforms
#421 fix support for libav 9.8 Antoine Martin defect major 0.11 platforms
#430 xpra doesn't start on OpenBSD Anthony J. Bentley defect major platforms
#438 cursor issues on OSX alas defect major 0.11 platforms
#439 osx memory leak alas defect major 0.11 platforms
#443 adding lz4 encoding on win32 Smo task major 0.11 platforms
#470 osx sound: gstreamer library updates Smo defect major 0.11 platforms
#473 html5 client Josh task major 0.15 platforms
#477 libav crashes with Ubuntu 12.x and Debian Wheezy Antoine Martin defect critical 0.11 platforms
#495 Windows: Uninstaller will run and "uninstall" while Xpra is still running J. Max Mena defect minor 0.12 platforms
#526 unicode window titles do not work on XP Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 platforms
#529 not including all the modules breaks the osx build in all sorts of "interesting" ways Smo defect blocker 0.12 platforms
#531 upgrade osx to PyOpenGL 3.1 beta Smo task minor platforms
#544 update libpng and libjpeg in binary builds Smo task major platforms
#547 cannot use h264 encoding anymore Smo defect major platforms
#558 nvenc support for shadowing on win32 Antoine Martin task critical 0.16 platforms
#560 restore the ability to run under wine Antoine Martin defect minor 0.13 platforms
#561 Wrong keys produced when connecting from Windows laptop to Linux box in "shadow" mode alex_shpak defect major platforms
#567 cannot control click to select multiple items in lists on osx alas defect major 0.13 platforms
#570 Cmd key buggy from Mac to Linux Timothy Basanov defect major platforms
#602 some altgr keys are not honoured with win32 client and non-us layouts Antoine Martin defect major 0.14 platforms
#624 osx does not find the default config file Antoine Martin defect major 0.14 platforms
#626 server does not run cleanups on SIGINT from a console Antoine Martin defect critical 0.15 platforms
#628 ffmpeg + gcc 4.8.x dec_avcodec compatibility on win32 Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 platforms
#634 allow input methods to be enabled Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.14 platforms
#635 (py)gtkglext for centos7 Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.15 platforms
#640 Python3 GTK3 client feature parity Antoine Martin task major 2.1 platforms
#657 debian wheezy hangs on start with the tray Smo defect minor 0.15 platforms
#678 building all the dependencies from source on win32 Smo task blocker 2.0 platforms
#680 osx modulesets for building GTK3 + gobject-introspection bindings Smo task major 2.3 platforms
#696 Client memory leak if Win32 client 0.14+ runs inside a RDP session sschnitzer defect minor 0.15 platforms
#699 Make Menu Selections Persistent radiosilence enhancement major platforms
#701 xpra launcher causes new menus to show in global menu bar on osx alas defect major 0.15 platforms
#727 building with clang - measure difference in performance Nick Centanni defect trivial 0.15 platforms
#734 xterm's empty cursor does not show on win32 Antoine Martin defect major 0.15 platforms
#751 Menus appear anywhere on the screen Lukas Haase defect critical 0.15 platforms
#776 virtual desktop support for osx alas task minor 2.1 platforms
#840 64-bit builds for OSX using moduleset Smo task blocker 2.0 platforms
#853 py3k server support Antoine Martin defect minor 2.5 platforms
#855 UI thread gets stuck on osx (at random?) Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 platforms
#856 deal with unicode keysyms Antoine Martin enhancement trivial 4.0 platforms
#916 tidy up the win32 build Smo enhancement major 0.16 platforms
#970 switch to gstreamer 1.x on osx alas defect blocker 0.16 platforms
#971 errors with osx moduleset builds Smo defect blocker 0.16 platforms
#982 Indentation errors in platform/xposix/gui.py in deb package 0.15.6-1 Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 platforms
#997 restore windows which were minimized during session lock on win32 Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.17 platforms
#998 cursors of any size on win32 Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.4 platforms
#1004 osx client locks up in mmap code Antoine Martin defect minor 2.0 platforms
#1044 python-lzo 2.09 for win32 Smo task minor 0.16 platforms
#1053 detach over ssh hangs win32 client Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.16 platforms
#1062 better keyboard layout detection on win32 Antoine Martin enhancement critical 2.0 platforms
#1063 gstreamer-0.10 moduleset build on osx fails on priv_gst_parse_yylex Antoine Martin defect minor 0.17 platforms
#1066 move log files to /run alas task major 0.17 platforms
#1068 xpra prevents shutdown on osx alas defect major 0.17 platforms
#1069 switch to gstreamer 1.6.x on osx alas task blocker 0.17 platforms
#1095 support newer versions of TortoisePlink Smo enhancement critical 0.17 platforms
#1129 Use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR Antoine Martin defect blocker 1.0 platforms
#1137 fix and restore the osx power handler alas defect critical 0.17 platforms
#1149 win32 shadow server crashes with bind-tcp and -d sound,gstreamer Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 platforms
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