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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1285 UnboundLocalError: local variable 'utf8_title' referenced before assignment L29Ah defect minor 1.0 client
#1388 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_icon_from_data' L29Ah defect major client
#1389 unhandled X11 client message causes server exit L29Ah defect major server
#1578 German apple keyboard third level chooser not working Larissa Naber defect major 2.2 keyboard
#1410 xpra attach fails on vanilla Ubuntu Xenial Xerus Lukas Haase defect major client
#1412 High CPU load with Xpra 1.0 on Win 10 Lukas Haase defect minor 1.0 client
#1428 Mouse wheel works only down but not up Lukas Haase defect major 2.0 client
#1853 After connection timeout, Xpra-Launcher.exe does not terminate but stays as a zombie process Lukas Haase defect major 2.4 client
#1892 ms windows clients require ssh users to have bash as login shell Lukas Haase defect major 2.4 client
#1749 crash in xor Mike defect major 2.3 encodings
#2056 large delta buffer for applications updating slowly Nathan Hallquist enhancement major 4.0 encodings
#1381 occasionally xpra window gets stuck on top Pat B defect major 2.0 client
#1475 X errors crash server Philip D Loewen defect critical 2.1 core
#1606 Two 'referenced before assignment' bugs in main.py Ray Donnelly defect major 2.2 client
#1695 macOS betas do not seem to include the latest code? Ray Donnelly defect major 2.2 platforms
#1725 Crash on macOS 10.13.2 (17C88) Ray Donnelly defect major 2.2 keyboard
#1510 add path option to html5 client Rob Lemley enhancement minor html5
#1842 x264 packages missing for CentOS/RHEL 7 SeanD defect major 2.4 packaging
#1866 xpra Package broken in winswitch repo for fedora27 Sebastian defect major 2.4 packaging
#362 constant sound stream overrun on win32 with no sound playing SmO defect major 0.10 core
#372 client mesa crash with opengl enabled SmO defect critical 0.10 client
#379 osx client with sound output never restarts SmO defect major 0.10 platforms
#384 cuda csc SmO enhancement major 0.11 core
#397 win32 xpra client missing revision SmO defect minor 0.10 client
#422 opencl acceleration for csc and/or encoding SmO task major 0.11 core
#423 New tab in maximized browser causes window to resize to original size before maximize SmO defect critical 0.10 client
#629 x265 encoder error in server log Szunti defect minor 0.14 server
#631 H.265 encoding: windows not redrawn Szunti defect minor 0.14 encodings
#3004 xpra cannot be built TCH68k defect blocker encodings
#1511 xpra screenshot cobbles windows together Teran McKinney defect minor future server
#1545 Seemingly random DPI problem Thomas Esposito defect major 2.1 client
#1546 performance on 1.0.x Thomas Esposito defect major 2.1 server
#1605 UnboundLocalError xdpi exception since upgrade to 2.1 Thomas Martitz defect major 2.2 client
#1921 Local xpra is extremely laggy Thomas Martitz defect major 2.5 keyboard
#1269 The SESSION_URI in authentication file should accept tcp/username:password@IPADDRESS:PORT format ERIC GRAMMATICO enhancement major 1.0 server
#1325 Options for printers configured by XPRA should be accessible ERIC GRAMMATICO enhancement major 1.0 printing
#2983 Keyboard layout for NLD + US International Tijs van der Zwaan defect trivial 4.1 client
#1394 XDG_RUNTIME_DIR should not contain executable scripts Todd Vierling defect minor android
#2074 Xpra crash while using mono to start GitExtension app Vineesh defect major 2.5 client
#1919 OSX <-> Ubuntu `gnome-panel --replace` causes logout and crash Viral defect major 2.4 client
#1370 Improved timestamps on AV packets Xepol enhancement critical 2.1 sound
#793 dependency problems on Ubuntu 14.10 Yurlungur defect major packaging
#542 xpra attach ssh times out and causes ssh key exchange to pause or time out Zebee defect major 0.12 client
#1356 middle click clipboard crash davidl defect major 1.0 clipboard
#1223 v4l2 on NetBSD Thomas Klausner defect major 1.0 encodings
#1144 Firefox window loses icon a1n10 defect minor 2.1 server
#977 ./setup.py install --home=install tries to create '/etc/xpra' a3nma3nm defect major 1.0 packaging
#1363 OpenGL and other rendering errors aashidham defect major 1.0 client
#975 xpra + virtualgl can't make them work adarrab defect minor 0.16 server
#1019 ImportError: No module named OpenGL.platform adarrab defect minor 0.16 client
#1022 Xpra Client in Listen Mode adarrab enhancement minor 3.0 core
#1407 --ssh not working with new releases adarrab defect minor client
#1411 Misplaced Java Menu in Dual Screen adarrab defect trivial java
#2012 xpra loses connection after switching to another virtual terminal aerusso defect major 2.5 network
#2451 platform/xposix/appindicator_tray.py leaks a file descriptor in set_icon_from_data aerusso defect major 4.0 client
#2481 Laggy unless XPRA_OPENGL_DRAW_REFRESH=0 aerusso defect major 4.0 client
#163 pass client DPI preference to server (and use sane defaults of 96dpi) alas defect blocker 0.5 core
#212 honour window movements alas enhancement minor 0.12 core
#226 opengl rendering on osx alas task minor 0.10 client
#228 Send ApplicationMenu data from server to client alas enhancement major 0.16 core
#249 OSX's UI thread is blocked / decoding without using the UI thread to serialize access alas defect major 0.10 core
#266 CentOS 5.9 installation issues with 0.8.5 alas defect minor 0.9 platforms
#272 fix/improve MS Windows clipboard handling alas enhancement major 0.9 platforms
#274 advanced clipboard filtering alas enhancement major 0.9 core
#275 handle clipboard large data transfers better alas enhancement major 0.11 core
#277 pulseaudio command issues with CentOS 5.x alas defect minor platforms
#287 Win client Caps Lock state not forwarded alas defect minor client
#298 win32 control-C can deadlock client in gstreamer code alas defect major 0.9 client
#301 Win client beta installs don't have alternate speaker codecs packaged. alas defect trivial 0.9 client
#303 invalid literal Value error when attaching with 32 bit xp via cmd alas defect major 0.9 client
#306 Windows client not responding to server pings and timing out after 60 seconds alas defect major 0.9 client
#312 Xpra should be able to determine Num Lock status of keyboards on initialization alas defect minor 0.9 client
#318 clipboard client-to-server support on OSX alas task minor 2.2 platforms
#329 Sound sink underruns seem to lead to spinners and eventual ping timeouts (for win32 clients) alas defect major 0.10 client
#342 Fedora server build scripts don't seem to be behaving. alas defect major 0.10 packaging
#366 cursor focus error created somewhere between r3680 and 3725 server revisions alas defect major client
#367 Improved opengl detection and ArgumentParser help. alas enhancement major client
#370 nvenc hardware accelerated encoding alas task major 0.11 server
#375 PIL Error with jpeg encoding: "Suspension not allowed here" alas defect blocker 0.10 server
#385 opengl rendering improvements: handle plain RGB, scaling, transparency alas enhancement major 0.11 client
#391 osx shadow server improvements: mdns, keyboard support, etc alas enhancement minor 0.17 server
#410 better sub-window encoding: detect regions and use sub video encoder alas enhancement critical 0.13 core
#438 cursor issues on OSX alas defect major 0.11 platforms
#439 osx memory leak alas defect major 0.11 platforms
#450 forwarding dbus objects - generalized alas task minor 0.11 core
#453 keyboard numpad doesn't work with osx client alas defect minor 0.11 client
#456 swap command and control key for mac osx clients alas defect minor 0.11 client
#465 improve picture buffer handling alas enhancement major 0.16 core
#467 Launch GUI fails to connect alas defect major 0.11 client
#468 Resizing opengl windows behaves erratically (transparency issue) alas defect major 0.11 client
#483 is_native_keymap test is wrong alas defect major 0.12 server
#484 client right-click drop menus require button be held alas defect major 0.11 client
#486 better xpra info namespace alas enhancement major 0.17 core
#487 webp artifacts with transparency alas defect critical 0.13 client
#488 virtualbox gl transparency crash with Fedora 19 x86 guest alas defect critical 0.11 client
#489 Allow sending a single application window alas enhancement minor 0.16 server
#492 suspending a local client with opengl windows can show corrupted pixels alas defect critical client
#496 support multi-head configurations better - fix fullscreen? alas enhancement minor 0.12 server
#500 small tooltip windows have transparency issues alas defect critical 0.12 client
#501 Support SHAPE extension alas enhancement minor 0.16 core
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