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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#555 0.12.2: multi-monitor positioning issues onlyjob defect major 0.15 core
#591 tray icons stacked in upper-left corner after "xpra upgrade" onlyjob defect major 0.14 core
#632 fails to start remote server onlyjob defect major 0.14 server
#633 client crash on maximising large window onlyjob defect critical 0.14 client
#643 client remains running on server upgrade (on shared SSH connection) onlyjob defect minor client
#644 only first "--start-child" is started over SSH onlyjob defect major client
#645 please show actual encoding in "Session Info/Connection" onlyjob defect minor client
#648 multiple pulseaudio warnings on client onlyjob defect minor client
#649 new Xorg-related build option(s) onlyjob enhancement major packaging
#650 R and B colours are swapped with WebP encoding and non-opengl windows onlyjob defect minor encodings
#651 WebP rendering problems onlyjob defect critical encodings
#661 Hard to switch keyboard layout using hot keys; "Keyboard" menu has no effect onlyjob defect major core
#662 Audio usability improvements onlyjob enhancement minor 2.0 sound
#663 speaker forwarding after re-attach sometimes unsuccessful onlyjob defect minor sound
#666 start-child drops command line arguments onlyjob defect major 0.15 core
#667 server-side warning: CompositeHelper::shm-handle after class was initialised onlyjob defect major server
#710 Debian packaging is broken in 0.15 onlyjob defect critical 0.15 packaging
#848 0.14.23: client crashes onlyjob defect major 0.14 client
#960 0.15.4: don't detect LZ4 any more onlyjob defect major 0.16 core
#1031 0.15.8: complains about invalid config onlyjob defect critical 0.16 core
#1032 "stop" command kills host X onlyjob defect critical 0.16 core
#1175 0.16.3: lossy encoding on local attach onlyjob defect minor 0.17 encodings
#1176 no icons in Kmail onlyjob defect major 0.17 core
#2009 Clipboard regression (client --> server) onlyjob defect major 2.5 clipboard
#1559 Websocket proxing oleg.z defect major 2.1 network
#2190 Bionic packages do not play well with HWE 18.04 okappa defect major 2.5 packaging
#1282 Xpra in windows detects wrong keyboard observer defect major 1.0 keyboard
#1289 xpra hangs on connect from windows observer defect major 1.0 server
#1244 --socket-dir option is ignored nyavango defect minor 1.0 core
#2797 running on linux unknown nsauter defect major 4.1 client
#363 xpra only monitors first pulseaudio output Norman Rasmussen defect minor 0.10 server
#368 xpra should detect (and fix?) audio monitors that are muted (or have low volume) Norman Rasmussen enhancement minor server
#597 "initenv" connection error when using nested ssh - regression in 0.13.4 nomnomnom defect blocker 0.14 client
#2858 pam_fprintd.so and pam_ssh.so Niki Waibel defect major 4.1 server
#563 OSX client crashes with Intel opengl driver Nick Centanni defect major 0.14 client
#654 transparency detection is unreliable Nick Centanni defect blocker 0.15 server
#715 Cursor in YouTube search bar causes elevated bandwidth usage Nick Centanni enhancement minor android
#717 client crashes with opengl enabled and transparency Nick Centanni defect major 0.15 client
#727 building with clang - measure difference in performance Nick Centanni defect trivial 0.15 platforms
#733 nvenc out of memory, leaks, crashes Nick Centanni defect blocker 0.15 encodings
#736 Getting error in window_video_source after out of memory error Nick Centanni defect major android
#746 Default X cursor shows in some applications Nick Centanni defect major client
#755 some tooltip windows have window decorations (causing position offset problems) Nick Centanni defect critical client
#795 Refactor perf test to facilitate auto-regression Nick Centanni defect major android
#429 Client window update issues when using a terminal emulator Nick Burrett defect minor client
#979 Server startup crash with dict/typedict mismatch Nick Burrett defect major 0.16 server
#393 Prefer newer libwebp shared library netmk enhancement critical 0.10 packaging
#2490 Cannot spin up a HTML mode netikras defect major 4.0 packaging
#2022 Client doesn't stay on NVENC h264, even when selected in the UI Nathan Hallquist defect major 2.5 encodings
#2041 2hop ssh patch Nathan Hallquist enhancement major 2.5 network
#2048 nvenc startup is slow - send replacement jpeg frame Nathan Hallquist enhancement major 3.0 encodings
#2049 vi in gnome-terminal suffers unnecessary whole-window redraw Nathan Hallquist defect major 2.5 server
#2059 host key dialog does not read "yes" or "no" correctly Nathan Hallquist defect major 2.5 client
#2077 _XPRA_QUALITY attribute Nathan Hallquist enhancement minor 2.5 encodings
#2086 window property for setting the encodings to use Nathan Hallquist enhancement major 2.5 encodings
#2090 XPRA does not recover from network congestion (even when network does) Nathan Hallquist defect critical 2.5 network
#2100 add a novideo content-type Nathan Hallquist enhancement major 2.5 encodings
#2101 New video card, and all XPRA windows are dark Nathan Hallquist defect major 2.5 client
#2102 sharing, "new connection from same uuid" Nathan Hallquist task minor 2.5 server
#2107 Huge cursor with screen sharing Nathan Hallquist defect minor 3.0 server
#2114 Small problem running xpra from mingw prompt with paramiko Nathan Hallquist defect minor 2.5 client
#2115 Add screen sharing settings to the launcher Nathan Hallquist enhancement minor 3.0 client
#2116 Fix proxy host retention on session saves Nathan Hallquist defect minor 2.5 client
#1193 DPI is doubled when specified on the client command line nathan-renniewaldock defect major 1.0 client
#1662 server memory leak nathan-renniewaldock defect critical 2.2 server
#1451 black screen after exit of xpra server on debian 9 mviereck defect critical 2.0 server
#1455 xpra does not check for MIT-SHM - server logfile with MBs of error messages mviereck task minor 2.0 server
#1558 xpra start ssh: issues with --damon=no, --use-display, --xvfb mviereck defect minor 2.1 server
#1654 xpra start with proxy fails / xvfb error mviereck defect critical 2.3 server
#1656 start-desktop --use-display: wrong display size mviereck defect major 2.2 client
#1658 mouse events in black border around desktop area mviereck defect minor 2.4 client
#1659 maximizing/demaximizing seamless apps from small vfb: positioning and redraw issues mviereck defect major 2.2 client
#1774 html5 clients does not connect, goes to xpra.org instead mviereck defect major 2.3 html5
#1858 issue without MIT-SHM mviereck defect major 2.4 android
#1880 Timeout disconnection after tty switch mviereck defect major 2.4 server
#2390 GTK2: pcmanfm: some mouse events missing mviereck defect critical 3.0 client
#2397 minor issue collection mviereck defect minor 3.0 client
#2610 Wrong dpi setting / --dpi is ignored mviereck defect minor 4.0 client
#2647 Detecting or setting up MIT-SHM mviereck task critical 4.1 server
#2978 Error: failed to convert svg icon mviereck defect major 4.1 server
#2979 deb recommends install gnome desktop by gnome-shell-extension-appindicator mviereck defect major 4.1 packaging
#532 Window resize loop Mike defect major server
#609 Invalid encoding? Mike defect major 0.14 encodings
#846 JavaFx-Applications starts with wrong size with jdk>=8 Mike defect major 0.14 core
#1935 Client scaling is wrong on multi monitor systems connected to an Ubuntu 16.04 server moozaad defect critical 2.4 client
#823 Session hangs and dies mnbvc defect major 0.14 server
#824 AltGr with swedish layout causes keyboard to get wedged mnbvc defect major 0.16 server
#827 Mouse events dropped mnbvc defect major 0.14 client
#2489 nvenc: no compatible devices found when compatible devices present mjlbach defect major 4.0 server
#2500 Text scaling regression in 4.0 macOS client mjlbach defect major 4.0 client
#1955 Jide Popup Always on Top Mark Harkin defect major 2.4 server
#1973 IE11 Support Mark Harkin enhancement minor 2.4 html5
#1974 UnmapNotify being called incorrectly Mark Harkin defect major 2.4 server
#1980 Java Menu Stays on top of all other windows Mark Harkin defect critical 2.4 client
#2129 File Upload with Websocket connection causing unexpected data type <type 'memoryview'> Mark Harkin defect major 2.5 server
#2141 Small improvements to window position on client Mark Harkin defect minor 2.5 client
#2166 Windows notifications not displaying Mark Harkin defect major 2.5 client
#2175 Websocket connection failing with reverse proxy due to incorrect Host header Mark Harkin defect major 2.5 client
#2238 Server not respecting clients encodings Mark Harkin defect major java
#2253 Frames on Frameless windows Mark Harkin defect major 3.0 server
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