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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2919 How to specify display number from HTML Client kirann enhancement major 4.1 html5
#2244 AssertionError: Invalid buffer size: 26 is not a multiple of 4 Khalidjh defect major 3.0 java
#1219 microphone from client kc7noa defect minor 2.3 sound
#1323 server startup error with no socket-dirs kc7noa defect major 1.0 server
#334 Server fails to start up on Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit server Joel Martin defect major 0.10 server
#1221 Microphone is created as an output device instead of an input device Justus Ranvier defect major sound
#1245 html5 client setup julianls defect major 1.0 client
#1824 --key-shortcut not working when using start with attach=yes julian defect minor 2.3 keyboard
#473 html5 client Josh task major 0.15 platforms
#821 html5 client maximize does not follow browser canvas size Josh defect major 0.14 client
#842 html5 client clipboard support Josh enhancement major 0.16 html5
#850 html5 client improvements Josh task major 0.16 html5
#913 html5 printing Josh enhancement major 0.16 html5
#928 printer forwarding on ubuntu Josh defect major 0.16 server
#964 printer forwarding doesn't work with encryption or authentication Josh defect major 0.16 server
#1059 Unable to add working Xterm windows to HTML5 Client Josh defect major 0.16 html5
#434 no right click menu (copy / paste) on xpra / xterm jontis defect major android
#435 gnome terminal / Mate terminal are not launching jontis defect minor server
#843 Drop usage of xorg void driver in xpra's xorg.conf jonathan.underwood defect major 0.14 server
#937 Inconsistent colours with csc cython module jonathan.underwood defect major 0.16 server
#2713 System tray icon dissappeared when ugrading xpra jonathan defect major 4.0 client
#2715 Issues with clicks on Tray menu and in Eclipse jonathan defect major 4.0 client
#2235 libvpx dependency missing when try installing on centos7.6 jia chen defect major packaging
#2236 when try accessing html5 client, it kept redirected to connect.html page for authentication jia chen defect major html5
#703 Copying URL from web browser address bar on remote host fails Jiang defect major 0.15 core
#706 Input cjk text on forwarded window Jiang defect minor server
#768 pop up window inoperable Jiang defect major core
#777 remote window size issue Jiang defect minor core
#787 Windows are minimized when the virtual desktop is changed Jiang defect major client
#877 clipboard hitting maximum requests per second limit Jiang defect critical 0.16 server
#887 chrome dpi issue Jiang defect critical 0.16 core
#936 windows not showing up correctly in task bar Jiang defect minor 0.16 client
#1092 mupdf not responding to key events Jiang defect critical 0.17 client
#1097 mupdf window not resizing properly Jiang defect critical 0.17 client
#1112 clipboard notification flashing constantly Jiang defect minor 0.17 client
#1165 google chrome version 50 breaks video Jiang defect minor 0.17 core
#1284 notifications incomplete or missing in dualhead extended desktop setup Jiang defect major 1.0 android
#1304 Forwarded notifications missing in dualhead extended desktop setup Jiang defect major 1.0 core
#1307 xpra server crash Jiang defect blocker 1.0 core
#1324 icon on indicator applet missing. Jiang defect blocker 1.0 client
#2270 dropdown menu not clickable Jiang defect major 3.0 server
#2436 after disconnect and reconnect, windows originally on different workspace appear in a single workspace. Jiang defect major 4.0 client
#2932 skipping system Xorg Jens H. Goebbert defect minor 4.1 html5
#2311 Forwarding custom X properties jgarvin enhancement major 3.0 core
#2685 New paramiko default mode doesn't work, --ssh=ssh still does jgarvin defect major 4.0 client
#1898 Bad keyboard mapping - French and Belgian layout - Some bad special characters jeanj4ck defect major 2.4 html5
#2580 Server -> Windows 10 Client Clipboard not working. jdrummond defect critical 4.0 clipboard
#708 Cannot switch window focus using keyboard on OS X jbylsma defect major future client
#1177 0.16.x OS X client does not read ~/.xpra/xpra.conf jbylsma defect major 0.17 client
#2191 XPRA_SCALING_INTERPOLATION=nearest not working janinko defect major 2.5 client
#1173 Python win32 path encoding problems Jan Prikryl defect critical 1.0 core
#1981 xpra under unity with opengl=no is unresponsive iwan defect major 2.4 client
#820 XkbQueryExtension: symbol not found (musl C) itoffshore defect major 0.14 packaging
#2361 Xorg and Xvfb screen and dpi problem Irony defect major 3.0 server
#2366 some tcl/tk dialog can not close Irony defect major 3.0 server
#2851 segfault in motion.pyx:match_distance() Ian Collier defect critical 4.1 server
#714 ImportError: No module named gi.repository ilrobby defect minor server
#2239 Inactive memory mapped video windows playback loosing a lot of frames igoryonya defect major client
#1681 allow http/websocket over unix socket when --html idupree enhancement major 2.2 network
#1050 Portrait monitor full screen crashes tool idlacrosseplayer defect major 0.16 client
#1895 Modal Window in Xpra ibuprofene defect major 2.4 client
#1916 Bug with stayOnTop function ibuprofene defect major 2.4 client
#1923 Using a proxy with Xpra ibuprofene defect major 2.4 server
#2865 Singularity with xpra, very close =D devin enhancement major 4.1 client
#2867 cli ssh assumes host is command devin defect major 4.1 android
#1268 Provide a build option to disable v4l2 Benda Xu defect major 1.0 platforms
#2848 Xpra server sessions disappear when a client establishes an SSH connection heist task major 4.1 server
#1782 The window of Hypermesh crash heenwu enhancement major 2.3 client
#1786 pop-up menu heenwu enhancement major 2.3 client
#2084 clicking on the task manager window icon does not minimize heenwu defect major 2.5 client
#725 Wrong and strange size for plots in Matlab hd_ali defect major android
#91 Control key not forwarded hamar defect critical 0.3 client
#2769 XPRA inside Docker HTML5 Client German Keyboard wrong Keys Günter defect major 4.1 keyboard
#574 Improve ProxyServer to be front end for several server in backend Benoit Gschwind enhancement minor server
#575 miss build/check of build.version and version attribute in hello message Benoit Gschwind defect major 0.13 core
#576 the --display seems to not exist in the client, thus implement --target-session Benoit Gschwind enhancement minor client
#1732 Overriding target screen for attach Peter Gervai enhancement minor 2.3 server
#2901 `svnversion -n ..` may lead setup.py to loop forever goekce enhancement minor packaging
#2964 Abnormal closure 1006 after python 3.9 update goekce defect major server
#2973 DEBUG=auth writes password to logs in cleartext goekce defect minor 4.1 server
#1538 '--start-new-commands=yes' doesn't work for me John Smith defect major server
#1539 FR: Make text selectable in Session Info tabs John Smith enhancement trivial 2.1 client
#1540 FR: Add 'Stop server' menuitem to the menu John Smith enhancement trivial 2.1 client
#2281 Crash upon connection (SSH) John Smith defect critical 3.0 client
#742 connection timeout error after update to Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite - forticlient Bruno Orcha García defect major client
#1241 xvfb sometimes not stopped automatically floemker defect major 1.0 server
#1259 ~/.xpra/run-xpra gets bigger and bigger during every start floemker defect minor 1.0 server
#636 Pidgin main window does not show up fladnag defect minor 0.16 core
#923 AltGr broken after Ctrl-Escape / Escape fladnag defect major 0.16 client
#1357 Xpra incorrectly escapes characters in run-xpra wrapperscript, causing remote sessions to fail to find server sockets firazy defect major 0.17 client
#915 Sound Forwarding to client doesn't work (for me) fervi defect major 0.16 sound
#2981 Port number should be cast from str to int fanzhuyifan defect major 4.1 client
#1982 log format error in server_util.py facboy defect minor 2.4 server
#837 html5 client keyboard mapping can't type symbols extasic defect major 0.14 client
#444 Windows client not drawing initial windows for qt apps evschris defect minor client
#1080 strict-aliasing rules build failures on some platforms Eli Schwartz defect major 0.17 core
#1246 XStata-MP 14.0 crashes when running 'evince' esarmien defect major 1.0 client
#1551 start-desktop latency very slow vs. start esarmien defect major 2.1 server
#1556 Xpra beta - font artifacts, resize artifacts esarmien defect major 2.1 html5
#1714 Create command line argument for web path and web socket path esarmien enhancement minor 2.2 server
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