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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1319 allow the proxy to start new sessions alas enhancement major 1.0 core
#1320 lossless scrolling Antoine Martin enhancement minor 3.0 encodings
#1324 icon on indicator applet missing. Jiang defect blocker 1.0 client
#1325 Options for printers configured by XPRA should be accessible ERIC GRAMMATICO enhancement major 1.0 printing
#1327 screen doesn't fit in Fullscreen mode Thomas Esposito defect major 1.0 server
#1328 CUDA SDK 8.0 fails to compile simple kernels Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 encodings
#1330 fedora 23 server giving error importing ffmpeg encoder alas defect major 1.0 android
#1331 Server outputting xxhash warning alas defect major 1.0 server
#1332 mdns discovery of sessions alas task major 1.0 core
#1334 mdns GUI launcher alas enhancement major 2.1 client
#1336 AssertionError spam in window icon compression Antoine Martin defect minor 1.0 server
#1337 xpra_launcher.exe produces a log file alert dialog on exit Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 platforms
#1339 Multimonitor Offset for Mouse Over totaamwin32 defect major 1.0 client
#1340 OSX PKG signing J. Max Mena task major 2.0 platforms
#1341 html5 client improvements: refactoring, mpeg4, scrolling, etc alas enhancement blocker 1.0 html5
#1345 mdns support for ipv6 Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 network
#1346 Seeing avcodec errors when playing video Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 server
#1347 nvenc RGB pixel upload mode Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.1 encodings
#1349 HTML5 client: Nginx reverse and SSL proxy cause SSL error bboehmke enhancement major 1.0 html5
#1350 gnome shell uses the wrong window icon Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.2 external
#1354 maximizing browsers on multi-display setup is sizing wrongly J. Max Mena defect minor 1.0 client
#1355 osx 1.0 r14397 client seems to be missing dyld library alas defect major 1.0 client
#1357 Xpra incorrectly escapes characters in run-xpra wrapperscript, causing remote sessions to fail to find server sockets firazy defect major 0.17 client
#1361 better pypi integration Smo task major 2.0 packaging
#1364 Windows client painting random window as solid white upon connection J. Max Mena defect major 1.0 android
#1367 enable more opengl chipsets alas enhancement major 2.0 client
#1368 more sharing options client side J. Max Mena enhancement minor 2.2 client
#1371 Unable to exit start-desktop server with xpra stop J. Max Mena defect major 1.0 server
#1372 split the html5 client into its own package Smo task major 2.0 packaging
#1373 shared mode keyboard conflicts alas defect major 2.0 server
#1374 Printing doesn't work anymore with XPRA_HTML5 ERIC GRAMMATICO defect major 1.0 html5
#1375 User should be notified when a file is uploaded from the server J. Max Mena enhancement major 2.3 client
#1376 html5 users should be allowed to upload/download ERIC GRAMMATICO enhancement major 2.1 html5
#1378 Missing continuation "\" in xpra.conf Antoine Martin defect trivial server
#1379 Missing import in xpra/codecs/webp/encode.pyx Antoine Martin defect major android
#1380 synchronize xkb layout group alas enhancement major 2.0 server
#1382 --exit-with-children race condition (vs. --start-child) Alex defect major server
#1383 ./setup.py install --home=<inst> requires root Jens H. Goebbert enhancement minor 2.0 core
#1384 xserver-xorg-video-dummy_0.3.8-2_amd64.deb is empty dtaylor84 defect critical packaging
#1387 mmap-support for --bind-vsock (and --bind-tcp) pingberlin enhancement major core
#1388 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_icon_from_data' L29Ah defect major client
#1389 unhandled X11 client message causes server exit L29Ah defect major server
#1390 osx trackpad sends too many events with HTML5 client alas defect major 2.0 html5
#1393 omit "-p" option to ssh if port not specified Antoine Martin defect minor network
#1396 Loss of focus and screen refresh when switching between workspaces Antoine Martin defect major core
#1397 Regression: cannot minimise windows displayed by xpra Alfred defect minor 2.0 platforms
#1398 Installation of xpra fails in ubuntu-16.04 due to missing dependencies Alfred defect trivial 2.0 packaging
#1399 Sound is broken on latest trunk J. Max Mena defect major sound
#1400 clipboard rate limit alas enhancement critical 2.1 clipboard
#1401 A function to clear video region detection, rather than setting to 0 coordinates and hoping for the best, might come in handy Antoine Martin enhancement major server
#1402 window_source: RuntimeError: deque mutated during iteration Antoine Martin defect minor server
#1404 2.0 moduleset updates Smo task major 2.0 platforms
#1405 rpath ignored when system libraries are matched first Antoine Martin defect blocker 2.1 packaging
#1406 dependency on dbus Antoine Martin enhancement trivial core
#1407 --ssh not working with new releases adarrab defect minor client
#1409 mmap failures with start-desktop mode Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 core
#1410 xpra attach fails on vanilla Ubuntu Xenial Xerus Lukas Haase defect major client
#1413 64-bit MS Windows builds atnoine defect major 2.0 platforms
#1414 recognising nvenc 7.1 fails Jens H. Goebbert defect major encodings
#1415 dbus could be not optional Jens H. Goebbert defect minor core
#1416 xxhash missing in list of dependencies Antoine Martin enhancement trivial core
#1420 Unable to start multiple gnome-terminals Doug Doole defect minor 2.0 server
#1421 Xpra-Launcher closes silently after clicking connect - missing feedback until application shows up Antoine Martin enhancement minor 3.0 client
#1422 xpra dependencies Antoine Martin enhancement minor external
#1423 native jpeg encoder and decoder alas enhancement major 2.0 encodings
#1424 html5: faster network layer, input devices, etc alas task major 2.0 html5
#1425 codec selftest crash on osx Antoine Martin defect critical 2.0 platforms
#1426 scrolling improvements J. Max Mena task major 2.0 encodings
#1427 update debian video-dummy patches Antoine Martin defect major server
#1428 Mouse wheel works only down but not up Lukas Haase defect major 2.0 client
#1430 X11 crash during connection setup Antoine Martin defect critical 2.0 server
#1432 html5 client should honour paint flush order Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 html5
#1433 iconified windows have nonsensical coordinates on win32 Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 client
#1434 native win32 systray using ctypes alas task major 2.0 platforms
#1437 app_actions_err and window_actions_err sometimes called with no arguments causing an exception Antoine Martin defect minor core
#1438 decode jpeg to YUV Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.3 encodings
#1440 Scrolling in Quod Libet causes the server to lock up and stop sending paints Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 server
#1443 restore get_depth in pygtkglext OSX patch alas defect major 2.1 platforms
#1445 support 8-bit pixel depth server Antoine Martin task major 2.0 server
#1446 r15125 Slow drawing, encoding errors Antoine Martin defect minor 2.0 encodings
#1447 Server does not accept initial connection on remote start. psycho_zs defect major 2.1 server
#1448 2.0 r15123 changeset adds breaking change Antoine Martin defect blocker server
#1450 Use systemd to create group bug enhancement trivial 2.1 packaging
#1453 gedit menus don't respond to clicks with macos client, centos 6.x server Antoine Martin defect critical 2.0 client
#1455 xpra does not check for MIT-SHM - server logfile with MBs of error messages mviereck task minor 2.0 server
#1456 Server crashes on launching application (inconsistently) psycho_zs defect blocker 2.0 server
#1457 Abnormal CPU usage on server while client is connected psycho_zs defect major 2.0 server
#1459 Systray icons unresponsive alin104n defect major client
#1460 Paint bug with latest trunk (r15230) J. Max Mena defect critical 2.0 server
#1461 html5 clipboard alas enhancement major 2.0 html5
#1462 x264 10-bit support Antoine Martin task major 4.1 encodings
#1464 latest python-lz4 breaks API compatibility Antoine Martin defect blocker 2.0 packaging
#1469 Windows resize problems alin104n defect critical 2.1 client
#1470 time.time() can go backwards Antoine Martin defect major 2.1 core
#1471 html5 toolbar J. Max Mena enhancement major 2.3 html5
#1472 No /usr/share/xpra/cuda in Ubuntu Packages B defect major encodings
#1473 HTML5: audiocontext caching, re-connect, events, etc JAremko enhancement trivial 2.1 html5
#1474 server hangs with two html5 clients connecting concurrently JAremko defect major 2.1 server
#1475 X errors crash server Philip D Loewen defect critical 2.1 core
#1476 proxy control socket permission error B defect major 2.1 server
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