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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2599 Shadow Information -> Session Information is not showing Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 client
#1203 Set working dir to $HOME in xpra environment psycho_zs defect major 1.0 core
#2832 Session Info window cannot be shrinked after maximizing Antoine Martin defect minor 4.1 client
#979 Server startup crash with dict/typedict mismatch Nick Burrett defect major 0.16 server
#1331 Server outputting xxhash warning alas defect major 1.0 server
#2238 Server not respecting clients encodings Mark Harkin defect major java
#334 Server fails to start up on Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit server Joel Martin defect major 0.10 server
#1447 Server does not accept initial connection on remote start. psycho_zs defect major 2.1 server
#1456 Server crashes on launching application (inconsistently) psycho_zs defect blocker 2.0 server
#671 Server crashes if lz4 is missing sschnitzer defect major server
#2580 Server -> Windows 10 Client Clipboard not working. jdrummond defect critical 4.0 clipboard
#228 Send ApplicationMenu data from server to client alas enhancement major 0.16 core
#1750 Segfault on mac os 10.13.2 unkulunkulu defect major android
#1534 Seeing syntax error when launching newly built 1.x server Antoine Martin defect minor server
#989 Seeing errors when disabling/enabling opengl Antoine Martin defect minor 0.16 client
#1346 Seeing avcodec errors when playing video Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 server
#807 Seeing an xpra child map event traceback with fedora 20 0.15.0 r8601 Antoine Martin defect major 0.14 server
#2463 Seeing an error in expire_delayed_region, in window_source.py, when mousing over browser regions Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 html5
#2314 Seeing Python 3.7 Traceback in xpra v3.0-r22819 Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 server
#2315 Seeing ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE when connecting with HTML 5 client using 3.0 server Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 html5
#1440 Scrolling in Quod Libet causes the server to lock up and stop sending paints Antoine Martin defect major 2.0 server
#1637 Scroll paint bug in HTML5 Client J. Max Mena defect major 2.2 html5
#323 Screen redraw missing a single-pixel column Antoine Martin defect minor 0.9 core
#2883 SSL Server Validation not working Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 client
#1966 SSH: Paramiko fails to respect double quotes Antoine Martin defect major client
#1503 SSH xpra start on remote host Denis01 defect major core
#1920 SSH server support J. Max Mena task major 2.4 server
#203 SSH is killed on Control-C detaching Antoine Martin defect minor 0.8 core
#815 SELinux policy for printing Smo task critical 1.0 core
#2072 Restricting the amount of clipboard data copying from the server clipboard in/out of the client J. Max Mena defect major 2.5 android
#161 Resizing xterm no longer snaps to correct size Antoine Martin defect major 0.4 core
#468 Resizing opengl windows behaves erratically (transparency issue) alas defect major 0.11 client
#1557 Resize desktop size with regard to browser window size Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.1 html5
#1829 Rencode traceback - doesn't allow client to re-attach J. Max Mena defect major 2.3 server
#1809 Remote windows jump back into screen Cigaes defect major 2.3 client
#859 Remote browser commands don't work in Chrome HTML 5 viewer J. Max Mena defect trivial 1.0 html5
#1293 Release keys when loosing focus psycho_zs defect minor 1.0 client
#1397 Regression: cannot minimise windows displayed by xpra Alfred defect minor 2.0 platforms
#1781 Refresh bug in certain applications J. Max Mena defect major 2.3 encodings
#2069 ReferenceError: event is not defined berserker defect major 2.5 html5
#795 Refactor perf test to facilitate auto-regression Nick Centanni defect major android
#296 Redraw errors with opengl enabled on win 7 64 - nvidia gtx 670 aradtech defect major 0.9 client
#2293 RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 support Antoine Martin task critical 3.0 packaging
#2028 RHEL 7.6 updates Xorg abi Chris Schultz defect major 2.5 server
#650 R and B colours are swapped with WebP encoding and non-opengl windows onlyjob defect minor encodings
#2644 Question multi-user html5 Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 html5
#1495 Query availability JAremko enhancement minor 2.1 html5
#556 Qt 5 menus closing immediately rikky defect critical server
#2395 Python3 tray start menu broken Mark Harkin defect major 3.0 client
#640 Python3 GTK3 client feature parity Antoine Martin task major 2.1 platforms
#1173 Python win32 path encoding problems Jan Prikryl defect critical 1.0 core
#1803 Pulseaudio selecting incorrect default device J. Max Mena defect major 2.3 sound
#2951 Proxy xfce fails to launch applications Mark Knittel defect major 4.2 server
#70 Provide execve() to upgrade clients in-place Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.0.7.x server
#1268 Provide a build option to disable v4l2 Benda Xu defect major 1.0 platforms
#797 Profile xpra and capture tests for regression Smo task major 1.0 tests
#2478 Problems sending control characters Bob Babcock defect minor 4.0 keyboard
#269 Problem launching binary xpra-0.8.6-1.fc18.i386 Antoine Martin defect major server
#1374 Printing doesn't work anymore with XPRA_HTML5 ERIC GRAMMATICO defect major 1.0 html5
#955 Printing a large file disconnects the client pvenkateswaralu defect blocker 0.16 server
#2560 Pressing AltGr+< on a Finnish keyboard layout produces some kind of letter i instead of the pipe character akikoo defect minor 4.0 keyboard
#393 Prefer newer libwebp shared library netmk enhancement critical 0.10 packaging
#130 Potential DOS Antoine Martin defect major 0.3 server
#1518 Ports opening and session start Denis01 defect major server
#2981 Port number should be cast from str to int fanzhuyifan defect major 4.1 client
#2514 Popup not shown alas defect critical 4.0 client
#1117 Plink.exe crashes Brian Minton defect major packaging
#580 Please, document usage of Xdummy with nvidia proprietary drivers callegar enhancement major 0.14 server
#136 Please get setup.py to install xpra_launcher.1 manpage Antoine Martin defect major 0.3 android
#308 Ping timeout if client and server have different times Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 server
#934 Pillow errors with Ubuntu Vivid Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.16 encodings
#636 Pidgin main window does not show up fladnag defect minor 0.16 core
#1743 Periodic traceback in log Antoine Martin defect minor server
#720 Path adjustments needed when installed with --user skids defect trivial 0.15 packaging
#16 Patch to fix hyphenation in xpra manpage Antoine Martin defect minor 0.0.7.x client
#1225 Paint issues on latest trunk J. Max Mena defect major 1.0 server
#1460 Paint bug with latest trunk (r15230) J. Max Mena defect critical 2.0 server
#592 Pages sometimes show blurry content J. Max Mena defect major 0.14 client
#1906 Package python2-xpra-client-2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5.x86_64.rpm is not signed Caleb Khor defect major 2.4 packaging
#141 PYTHONPATH in xpra 0.3.2 in ubuntu (packaging problem) Antoine Martin defect trivial 0.3 client
#46 PULSE_ properties missing Antoine Martin defect minor 0.0.7.x server
#305 PNG palette indexed encoding mode Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.10 core
#354 PIL imports to work with pillow Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 core
#375 PIL Error with jpeg encoding: "Suspension not allowed here" alas defect blocker 0.10 server
#1325 Options for printers configured by XPRA should be accessible ERIC GRAMMATICO enhancement major 1.0 printing
#1479 Option to attach to local session when creating it Giuseppe Bilotta enhancement minor server
#518 Opening links in background tab in Chrome causes the window to become unsnapped in Windows 7 J. Max Mena defect minor 0.12 client
#985 Opening Session info outputs full xpra info into client console Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 client
#745 OpenGL issues with Intel 4000 chipset on MS Windows Antoine Martin defect minor client
#129 Only the first connection to server works Antoine Martin defect critical 0.3 server
#1088 Odd sound traceback using control-C with 0.17.0 windows client alas defect minor 0.17 client
#249 OSX's UI thread is blocked / decoding without using the UI thread to serialize access alas defect major 0.10 core
#507 OSX clipboard fails in latest builds alas defect blocker client
#409 OSX client resuming UI sometimes breaks sound Smo defect major 0.10 sound
#563 OSX client crashes with Intel opengl driver Nick Centanni defect major 0.14 client
#788 OSX client GUI launcher text displaying as empty rectangles Smo defect major client
#924 OSX client - "Xpra quit unexpectedly" Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 client
#1340 OSX PKG signing J. Max Mena task major 2.0 platforms
#886 OSX GUI won't connect (password box issue) rnc01 defect critical 0.16 client
#984 OSX Client fails to run because of gatekeeper changes in OSX 10.10.4+ Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.16 client
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