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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1457 Abnormal CPU usage on server while client is connected psycho_zs defect major 2.0 server
#1536 Can not start server psycho_zs defect major 2.1 server
#1647 Forwarding original app name in notifications psycho_zs enhancement minor 2.2 client
#949 Speaker sound goes off often pvenkateswaralu defect critical 0.16 sound
#953 xpra-0.15.4 Down Arrow button on scroll bar does not work pvenkateswaralu defect major 0.16 android
#955 Printing a large file disconnects the client pvenkateswaralu defect blocker 0.16 server
#987 Unplugging headphones stops the sound pvenkateswaralu defect major 0.16 android
#994 window size and repaint issue on osx pvenkateswaralu defect major 0.16 core
#1017 Failed to launch: gtkosx_application module is missing pvenkateswaralu defect major 0.16 client
#594 csc_swscale import fails, undefine symbol: av_px_fmt_desc_get pyther defect major 0.14 client
#603 build_info.py missing when setup.py install is passed --skip-build pyther defect major 0.14 core
#604 xpra_Xdummy: run Xorg directly, without copying to remove setuid pyther enhancement major 0.14 server
#605 add build and runtime dependencies spec files to src tree pyther enhancement major 0.14 core
#606 cleaned up xpra.spec pyther enhancement major 0.14 android
#613 {x264,ffmpeg,libvpx,libwep}-xpra packages pyther enhancement major 0.14 external
#681 tray icon breaks xpra attach on gnome 3.12 pyther defect minor client
#686 missing encodings on rhel6 pyther defect minor server
#687 python-lz4 BuildRequires python-setuptools pyther defect minor core
#688 build script for rpm packages pyther enhancement minor packaging
#867 xpra start fails on OS X pyther defect major 0.16 client
#699 Make Menu Selections Persistent radiosilence enhancement major platforms
#744 Allow specifying password/key via environment reimar enhancement minor core
#556 Qt 5 menus closing immediately rikky defect critical server
#557 qt5 applications don't notice they've been moved? their menus are misplaced rikky defect critical 0.13 server
#886 OSX GUI won't connect (password box issue) rnc01 defect critical 0.16 client
#383 Xephyr + Xpra keyboard problem on Mac OS X 10.8 roberto hashioka defect minor 0.11 platforms
#2494 bug in platform/xposix/keyboard.py rozenkno defect blocker 4.0 keyboard
#790 Windows is continous flashing in loop sa defect major 2.2 client
#2237 HTML5 Client Configuration File Jackson Delahunt defect minor 4.0 html5
#1515 bencode parsing error from the HTML client depending on the remotized window height saste defect major 2.1 html5
#607 custom window layouts not honoured Scott Bennett defect major 0.14 client
#623 consistent and reliable client exit code and information Scott Bennett task critical 0.14 core
#625 a server event interface Scott Bennett task critical 0.14 core
#816 Timeout Notification Signal Scott Bennett enhancement major 0.15 server
#2770 4.0.1 client connect to 4.0.1 server: transparent or black windows schvab defect minor 4.1 client
#2887 Win 4.0.x client shift+arrow, shift+enter doesn't work, shift+letter/symbol OK schvab defect minor 4.1 client
#719 Hardcoded umasks limit some use cases skids enhancement minor 0.15 server
#720 Path adjustments needed when installed with --user skids defect trivial 0.15 packaging
#338 some toolkits specify a max window size of 32767 for infinity causing win32 client to misbehave (no maximize button) Smo task major 0.10 core
#373 gmp and mpfr build for win32 - needed for pycrypto fastmath Smo task minor 0.11 client
#409 OSX client resuming UI sometimes breaks sound Smo defect major 0.10 sound
#440 upgrade libvpx to 1.2.0 on win32 Smo task major 0.11 packaging
#443 adding lz4 encoding on win32 Smo task major 0.11 platforms
#466 nvenc improvements: YUV444P mode and bandwidth auto tuning Smo task minor server
#470 osx sound: gstreamer library updates Smo defect major 0.11 platforms
#474 multiplexing a web server through the same port as the xpra server Smo task minor 0.11 server
#514 evaluate TCP_NODELAY Smo task minor 0.12 client
#523 Fedora 19 Cython Compile error Smo defect major 0.12 core
#529 not including all the modules breaks the osx build in all sorts of "interesting" ways Smo defect blocker 0.12 platforms
#531 upgrade osx to PyOpenGL 3.1 beta Smo task minor platforms
#533 migrate osx build to using jhbuild and modulesets Smo task blocker 0.15 packaging
#544 update libpng and libjpeg in binary builds Smo task major platforms
#547 cannot use h264 encoding anymore Smo defect major platforms
#630 Client crash when clipboard has data Smo defect critical 0.14 client
#641 OSX .pkg creation scrips Smo task blocker 0.17 packaging
#653 NVENC SDK version 4 support Smo task major 0.15 encodings
#678 building all the dependencies from source on win32 Smo task blocker 2.0 platforms
#716 rpm packages for supporting mp3 sound forwarding with centos / fedora Smo task minor 0.15 packaging
#788 OSX client GUI launcher text displaying as empty rectangles Smo defect major client
#797 Profile xpra and capture tests for regression Smo task major 1.0 tests
#799 ungroup windows from taskbar Smo defect minor 0.15 client
#815 SELinux policy for printing Smo task critical 1.0 core
#825 NVENC v5 support Smo task minor 0.15 encodings
#840 64-bit builds for OSX using moduleset Smo task blocker 2.0 platforms
#847 more automated tests Smo task critical 2.0 tests
#863 encode error with only video encodings enabled Smo task critical 0.16 encodings
#876 support python-cryptography as well as pycrypto Smo task blocker 0.17 core
#916 tidy up the win32 build Smo enhancement major 0.16 platforms
#935 remove support for old buffers Smo task critical 2.0 core
#958 windows installer add check to skip running Smo enhancement minor 0.16 packaging
#971 errors with osx moduleset builds Smo defect blocker 0.16 platforms
#973 libyuv colourspace conversion Smo enhancement blocker 0.17 encodings
#983 AF_VSOCK support Smo enhancement major 0.17 core
#1007 update moduleset and win32 build environment Smo task major 0.16 packaging
#1044 python-lzo 2.09 for win32 Smo task minor 0.16 platforms
#1095 support newer versions of TortoisePlink Smo enhancement critical 0.17 platforms
#1105 systemd multi seat support Smo defect blocker 2.1 server
#1133 CentOS 6.4 can't connect with encrytion enabled Smo defect minor 0.16 server
#1161 centos 6 failing with gdp and mka muxers Smo defect blocker 0.17 sound
#1217 security issues in rencode Smo task critical 1.0 core
#1240 launcher does not honour SSH password on OSX Smo defect major 1.0 android
#1253 split client and server builds Smo task major 2.1 packaging
#1258 move to python2 package naming Smo task major 1.0 packaging
#1260 nvenc v7 support Smo task major 1.0 encodings
#1267 sound issues with CentOS 7.1.1503 - gstreamer1 Smo defect major 1.0 client
#1275 Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Precise support in 1.0 Smo task major 1.0 platforms
#1298 html5 client silently failing when connecting through the proxy Smo defect major 1.0 html5
#1306 osx moduleset changes tracker ticket Smo defect critical 1.0 platforms
#1361 better pypi integration Smo task major 2.0 packaging
#1372 split the html5 client into its own package Smo task major 2.0 packaging
#1404 2.0 moduleset updates Smo task major 2.0 platforms
#1501 2.1 moduleset updates Smo task critical 2.1 platforms
#1521 socket activation for system proxy server Smo enhancement critical 2.1 server
#1530 debian systemd service packaging Smo task major 2.1 packaging
#1575 python3 packaging for macos Smo task blocker 2.3 packaging
#1587 2.2 moduleset updates Smo task major 2.2 platforms
#1678 2.3 moduleset updates Smo defect major 2.3 platforms
#1787 2.4 moduleset updates Smo task major 2.4 platforms
#1827 Filename bug with automated tests Smo defect minor 2.3 tests
#1986 lz4 packaging fix for macos Smo defect critical 2.5 packaging
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