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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#272 fix/improve MS Windows clipboard handling alas enhancement major 0.9 platforms
#274 advanced clipboard filtering alas enhancement major 0.9 core
#275 handle clipboard large data transfers better alas enhancement major 0.11 core
#277 pulseaudio command issues with CentOS 5.x alas defect minor platforms
#287 Win client Caps Lock state not forwarded alas defect minor client
#298 win32 control-C can deadlock client in gstreamer code alas defect major 0.9 client
#301 Win client beta installs don't have alternate speaker codecs packaged. alas defect trivial 0.9 client
#312 Xpra should be able to determine Num Lock status of keyboards on initialization alas defect minor 0.9 client
#318 clipboard client-to-server support on OSX alas task minor 2.2 platforms
#342 Fedora server build scripts don't seem to be behaving. alas defect major 0.10 packaging
#366 cursor focus error created somewhere between r3680 and 3725 server revisions alas defect major client
#367 Improved opengl detection and ArgumentParser help. alas enhancement major client
#370 nvenc hardware accelerated encoding alas task major 0.11 server
#375 PIL Error with jpeg encoding: "Suspension not allowed here" alas defect blocker 0.10 server
#385 opengl rendering improvements: handle plain RGB, scaling, transparency alas enhancement major 0.11 client
#391 osx shadow server improvements: mdns, keyboard support, etc alas enhancement minor 0.17 server
#410 better sub-window encoding: detect regions and use sub video encoder alas enhancement critical 0.13 core
#438 cursor issues on OSX alas defect major 0.11 platforms
#450 forwarding dbus objects - generalized alas task minor 0.11 core
#453 keyboard numpad doesn't work with osx client alas defect minor 0.11 client
#456 swap command and control key for mac osx clients alas defect minor 0.11 client
#465 improve picture buffer handling alas enhancement major 0.16 core
#467 Launch GUI fails to connect alas defect major 0.11 client
#468 Resizing opengl windows behaves erratically (transparency issue) alas defect major 0.11 client
#484 client right-click drop menus require button be held alas defect major 0.11 client
#486 better xpra info namespace alas enhancement major 0.17 core
#487 webp artifacts with transparency alas defect critical 0.13 client
#488 virtualbox gl transparency crash with Fedora 19 x86 guest alas defect critical 0.11 client
#489 Allow sending a single application window alas enhancement minor 0.16 server
#492 suspending a local client with opengl windows can show corrupted pixels alas defect critical client
#496 support multi-head configurations better - fix fullscreen? alas enhancement minor 0.12 server
#500 small tooltip windows have transparency issues alas defect critical 0.12 client
#501 Support SHAPE extension alas enhancement minor 0.16 core
#507 OSX clipboard fails in latest builds alas defect blocker client
#545 honour double-click time from client alas enhancement minor 0.15 core
#567 cannot control click to select multiple items in lists on osx alas defect major 0.13 platforms
#569 crash running glxgears and gtkperf in a loop alas defect critical 0.13 server
#581 xpra detach may cause a connection lost rather than a clean disconnection alas defect critical client
#593 xpra segfaults when attaching OS X alas defect blocker 0.14 client
#612 automatic DISPLAY selection over ssh alas enhancement minor 0.16 server
#615 100% picture quality everywhere alas enhancement major 0.15 encodings
#620 performance optimizations from profiling alas defect critical 0.14 android
#637 screenshots from bug report in 0.14 are weird alas defect major 0.16 client
#660 stricter pre-release test plan alas task major 0.15 core
#685 icon forwarding using pixel data does not work alas defect major 0.15 server
#689 make it easier to setup the html5 server alas enhancement major 0.15 server
#694 auto-refresh kicks in too early alas defect blocker 0.15 server
#700 CentOS 6.4 client is often rendering large portions of window in black alas defect critical client
#701 xpra launcher causes new menus to show in global menu bar on osx alas defect major 0.15 platforms
#713 current using window is on top alas defect major 1.0 client
#754 Windows 8.1 running a client shows "unexpected messare: 800 in output when default background shifts alas defect trivial 0.15 client
#756 multi delta alas task major 0.15 core
#760 debug option for subregion color coding according to encodings, quality, speed, etc? alas enhancement minor 0.15 client
#764 Getting a seg fault on CentOS client when resizing alas defect critical client
#772 _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE for win32 and osx alas enhancement minor 1.0 client
#773 support more wm states (keep above, below, etc) alas enhancement major 0.15 core
#776 virtual desktop support for osx alas task minor 2.1 platforms
#786 remote logging for client alas enhancement major 0.15 core
#791 undecorated windows can't minimize by left-click in it from the win32 taskbar alas defect critical 0.15 client
#796 YUV444 and lossless mode with NVENC4 alas enhancement major 0.15 encodings
#808 Xpra client - frequent crashes on OS X alas defect major 0.14 client
#835 synchronize sound with video frames alas enhancement critical 0.16 sound
#849 sound improvements: refactorings, cleanups, alas task critical 0.16 sound
#866 decompression error in rgb delta alas defect blocker 0.16 core
#873 0.15.0 server throwing thread parse exception alas defect minor 0.16 server
#878 lz4: support HC and fast modes alas enhancement minor 0.16 core
#884 server idle timeout alas enhancement major 0.16 server
#885 honour window position exactly alas enhancement major 0.16 client
#888 Move default location of sockets to /run alas enhancement minor 0.16 core
#896 get rid of daemon threads alas enhancement major 0.16 core
#904 dbus interface for control channel alas enhancement minor 0.16 server
#918 windows 0.15.4 client hangs on control-c disconnect after changing resolution alas defect critical 0.16 client
#933 use PKCS#7 padding for AES-CBC encryption alas defect major 0.16 network
#948 review and probe the codec picture size limits alas defect major 0.16 encodings
#956 Looking for a way to determine FPS being rendered alas enhancement minor 0.16 client
#963 multiple bind options for local sockets alas enhancement critical 0.17 android
#966 provide a persistent setting to select the default clipboard to synchronize alas enhancement minor 0.16 client
#970 switch to gstreamer 1.x on osx alas defect blocker 0.16 platforms
#976 scale the local display alas enhancement critical 0.16 client
#980 unable to click in window after a new display is connected alas defect blocker 0.16 server
#988 fix screen capture tools when used with xpra alas defect major 0.16 core
#995 Xpra trunk does not support landscape printing on OSX alas defect critical 0.16 printing
#1003 server control channel isn't re-starting sound-output after stopping alas defect minor 0.16 server
#1010 osx client 0.16 r10972 failing to decode png & jpeg alas defect blocker 0.16 client
#1011 There's no option to select clipboard for synchronization for OSX clients alas enhancement minor 0.17 client
#1012 frame error triggered by client decode error alas defect major 0.16 encodings
#1014 take video size into account for scoring codecs alas enhancement major 1.0 encodings
#1020 getting libmp3lame dependency error with fedora 21 updates alas defect major 0.16 server
#1026 file transfer improvements alas task major 1.0 core
#1028 0.15.8-r11169 beta rpm build Is broken alas defect blocker 0.16 server
#1029 hardware accelerated AES alas task major 0.17 network
#1052 0.16.0 fedora 21 builds not supporting vorbis alas defect major 0.16 sound
#1055 right shift key is mapped to '7' with html5 client alas defect critical 0.16 html5
#1057 Got draw errors with win32 client alas defect major 0.16 client
#1066 move log files to /run alas task major 0.17 platforms
#1068 xpra prevents shutdown on osx alas defect major 0.17 platforms
#1069 switch to gstreamer 1.6.x on osx alas task blocker 0.17 platforms
#1076 0.16.1 builds not finding python.version alas defect major 0.17 server
#1079 lz4 release the gil alas task major 0.17 core
#1083 Trying to run vorbis on 0.15.x generates found large packet warnings alas defect major 0.17 server
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