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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#496 support multi-head configurations better - fix fullscreen? alas enhancement minor 0.12 server
#2711 support mswindows 10 openssh server to start shadow Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.0 platforms
#773 support more wm states (keep above, below, etc) alas enhancement major 0.15 core
#598 support for printing via a cups backend script Antoine Martin defect major 0.15 core
#12 support cursors Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x core
#1945 support automatic port allocation J. Max Mena enhancement minor 2.4 network
#1445 support 8-bit pixel depth server Antoine Martin task major 2.0 server
#1315 support 16-bit depth Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.0 server
#42 suggestion: "xpra detach" command Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.0.7.x client
#1962 subprocess_wrapper_test can fail - under load? Antoine Martin defect major 2.4 tests
#1580 sub-pixel rendering test application Antoine Martin task major 2.2 core
#2380 stuck keys on macOS when swap_keys=0 Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 html5
#660 stricter pre-release test plan alas task major 0.15 core
#1080 strict-aliasing rules build failures on some platforms Eli Schwartz defect major 0.17 core
#951 strengthen encryption layer Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 network
#480 strange warning message on windows using opengl on nvidia GTX 670 aradtech defect minor 0.11 client
#2399 stateful sockets (ssl, ssh) cannot be serialized totaamwin32 defect critical 3.0 server
#1247 start-desktop using a single display Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.0 server
#2280 start-desktop segfault on exit Antoine Martin defect blocker 3.0 tests
#1551 start-desktop latency very slow vs. start esarmien defect major 2.1 server
#2336 start-desktop focus broken Antoine Martin defect critical 3.0 server
#1656 start-desktop --use-display: wrong display size mviereck defect major 2.2 client
#666 start-child drops command line arguments onlyjob defect major 0.15 core
#1104 start the dbus server automatically Antoine Martin enhancement critical 0.17 server
#2057 start command on last client exit Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.5 server
#380 ssh with password mode fails without an authentication agent Antoine Martin defect critical 0.10 client
#2924 ssh suddenly ignored in config file? Lukas Haase defect major client
#1599 ssh start may run xpra command multiple times Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 server
#1273 ssh port argument type error Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 client
#2016 ssh feature loss vs 2.2.4 client macos Antoine Martin defect minor 2.5 client
#1646 ssh client integration via paramiko J. Max Mena defect major 2.4 client
#674 ssh ... "xpra start ..." fails with "Broken pipe" when ssh closes Troy Cauble defect minor 0.15 server
#2732 src/xpra/client/gtk_base/start_new_command.py", line 137, in command_changed AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'encode' stdedos defect minor 4.0 client
#2937 sqlite_auth: missing kwargs on super.init Antoine Martin enhancement minor 4.1 server
#328 split yuv into its own pseudo codec ahuillet enhancement minor 0.10 core
#1254 split the large config file into multiple files placed in xpra/conf.d alas enhancement major 1.0 core
#1372 split the html5 client into its own package Smo task major 2.0 packaging
#1588 split more code from gdk bindings Antoine Martin task major 2.2 core
#1204 split dependency between sound encoders and decoders alas task critical 1.0 sound
#1253 split client and server builds Smo task major 2.1 packaging
#1603 split HTML5 client into its own package Antoine Martin task major 2.2 packaging
#2794 specify connection attributes using the connection string Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.1 client
#669 speaker forwarding may cause server to hang Antoine Martin defect critical 0.15 sound
#237 sound_play.exe fails on windows - no gstreamer plugins found/installed Antoine Martin defect major 0.8 external
#1543 sound source stopping DocMAX defect major 2.1 sound
#1267 sound issues with CentOS 7.1.1503 - gstreamer1 Smo defect major 1.0 client
#849 sound improvements: refactorings, cleanups, alas task critical 0.16 sound
#400 sound improvements - better queue handling, refactoring and cleanups Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.15 sound
#1120 some window flags are not exported correctly Antoine Martin defect critical 0.17 server
#755 some tooltip windows have window decorations (causing position offset problems) Nick Centanni defect critical client
#338 some toolkits specify a max window size of 32767 for infinity causing win32 client to misbehave (no maximize button) Smo task major 0.10 core
#349 some parts of windows can not be clicked after changing resolutions Lukas Haase defect critical 0.15 client
#513 some mouse cursors are missing and/or large onlyjob defect minor client
#602 some altgr keys are not honoured with win32 client and non-us layouts Antoine Martin defect major 0.14 platforms
#2936 socketutil not usable in main Antoine Martin defect minor 4.1 server
#2407 socket-dirs defaults are ignored michael defect trivial 3.0 core
#1636 socket activation prevents ssl wrapping Antoine Martin defect critical 2.2 server
#1521 socket activation for system proxy server Smo enhancement critical 2.1 server
#500 small tooltip windows have transparency issues alas defect critical 0.12 client
#80 slow when $HOME is served over NFS Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x server
#2932 skipping system Xorg Jens H. Goebbert defect minor 4.1 html5
#1861 skip client base classes J. Max Mena enhancement major 2.4 client
#2551 skip calling repr_ellipsized unnecessarily Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.0 core
#1653 simulate_console_user.py automated test failing J. Max Mena defect minor 2.2 tests
#57 simplify code: drop compatibility for older versions Antoine Martin task major 0.1 android
#2318 silence AT-SPI warnings Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 server
#1876 shutdown proxy servers Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.4 server
#49 show version information in about dialog Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.0.7.x android
#2419 show shadow mouse position in html5 client Antoine Martin enhancement minor 4.0 html5
#2519 show remote screen size if relevant Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.0 client
#1496 show pointer using opengl texture overlay Antoine Martin task major 2.1 client
#2230 show more details when opengl probe fails Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0 client
#191 short-lived OR windows cause crashes (ie: kmail hover tooltips) Antoine Martin defect major 0.7 core
#564 ship the nvenc codec by default Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.13 encodings
#2102 sharing, "new connection from same uuid" Nathan Hallquist task minor 2.5 server
#1373 shared mode keyboard conflicts alas defect major 2.0 server
#2272 shadow: start-on-last-client-exit does not execute when exit-with-client is set stdedos defect major 3.0 server
#1948 shadow server unit test failure caused by RFB Antoine Martin defect blocker 2.4 server
#1801 shadow outputs to different windows Antoine Martin enhancement major 2.3 core
#2337 shadow doesn't listen for randr events Antoine Martin defect critical 3.0 server
#822 shadow does not work with 0.14.20 Antoine Martin defect major 0.14 server
#2632 shadow cannot shift+arrow select Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0 keyboard
#2033 setuptools win32 breakage Antoine Martin defect major 2.5 packaging
#331 setup.py: no exit after clean Antoine Martin defect minor android
#583 setup.py --user doesn't install etc/xpra/xpra.conf and etc/xpra/xorg.conf properly Antoine Martin defect trivial 0.14 core
#1676 settings changed on the server should be forwarded to the client Antoine Martin defect major 2.3 core
#2565 set python3 ssl socket timeout Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.0 android
#1523 set exe file attributes Antoine Martin defect major 2.1 packaging
#2707 session_info.py, line 659, in <genexpr> RuntimeError: deque mutated during iteration Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0 client
#2234 session info latency graph gets stuck Antoine Martin defect critical 3.0 client
#2195 session info graphs missing with gtk3 Antoine Martin task major 3.0 client
#1125 server.py's write_runner_shell_script() ignores XPRA_SCRIPT_BIN_DIR urzds defect major 0.17 server
#535 server-side memory leak onlyjob defect major 0.12 server
#1199 server with limited memory throwing decoding errors when desktop-scaling reduced below 100% alas defect major 1.0 server
#251 server uses 100% CPU with old versions of Python defect critical 0.8 server
#758 server throwing error processing damage Antoine Martin defect major 0.15 server
#884 server idle timeout alas enhancement major 0.16 server
#1474 server hangs with two html5 clients connecting concurrently JAremko defect major 2.1 server
#2218 server hangs handling resizing Antoine Martin defect critical 2.5 client
#1698 server fails when logging to ~/.xpra/ Antoine Martin defect minor 2.2 server
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