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02/08/16 06:54:10 (6 years ago)
Antoine Martin

You can get the Xresources applied by running:

xpra start ssh:localhost --start-child xterm --start='xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources'

And obviously, you can achieve the same thing by adding this line to your /etc/xpra/xpra.conf:

start = xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

Or use a session script or whatever. r11884 now includes an xrdb example in the default config file.

I am not convinced that it is xpra's job to choose what gets applied and what doesn't. Especially in this case where the client's xrdb does get synchronized already. Whatever xrdb settings I have on the client do get applied in the server session, just too late for start-child which gets run as soon as the server starts. If I start another xterm from the initial xterm, I see that the settings have been applied.

It would be nice if we waited for the client to connect and apply its settings (xdb, dpi, screen resolution, keyboard settings, etc) before executing the start / start-child commands. Or at least have the option to do that.

Maybe a --start-after-connect flag, which would be set automatically when using ssh start, since we know that the client will be connecting. (though we would need to do this via an environment variable instead of a command line because when the client generates the remote command line, it has no way of knowing if the server is going to support newer command line options..)

As for the current working directory being "/", this one is caused by the daemonize code which calls chdir("/"). I didn't want to just remove that line as this is what every other daemon code does.. So r11885 saves the cwd before daemonizing and uses it when starting commands. This will be backported to older versions. (the start-after-connect change, if I ever get around to it, will not)


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    11All's in the title: after
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    55xterm starts in / (root) (I'd expect starting in $HOME instead) and uses a white background, even though my .Xresources (which work fine locally) specify otherwise.