Xpra: Ticket #1172: untranslated keyboard

Follow up from #1099. We should just pass the raw scancode to the server when we know it will be able to handle it. ie: win32 client with win32 server.

Also, expand r12399 to support more characters - generate the list? (deal non ascii characters too)

Think about better handling for keyboard layout mismatch between client and server, see ticket:1099#comment:10. We could keep multiple translation tables for each layout in use, then use the correct translation for the currently active keyboard layout. See #1027, #817.

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See also #1062, #1171.

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Milestone renamed

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Initial support in r13328: I can attach an X11 client to an X11 server with --keyboard-layout=fr --keyboard-raw=yes and get a 'fr' layout even though my local keymap is set to 'gb'. The raw keycodes are used unmodified by the server.

Still TODO:

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Rather than extending the key packet with yet more data, we could use #1942 (new packet format).

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See also #2560, #2561, #1716

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