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08/18/16 04:29:22 (5 years ago)
Antoine Martin

However, the notifications from firefox are cutoff.

You may be able to improve this by adding a new modeline with this exact resolution to the xorg.conf file. ie: 1400x1050 + 1280x1024 gtf 2680 2074 25 added to trunk in r13385.

Furthermore, gmail notifications that firefox displays when a new mail arrive disappears (or it appears behind the window that I cannot see.)

Could be related to the problem above, let me know if the new modeline helps.

If it doesn't, please re-assign to me and I'll try to reproduce. Please include your DE (unity?) and anything else that might be relevant. Does this bug only happen with the dualhead?

XPRA_SET_WORKSPACE=1 and --packet-encoder=rencode --compressor=lz4 are the defaults already, you can drop those.


Is 20 (the default) not enough? What application causes this sort of heavy clipboard traffic?


  • Ticket #1284

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    initial v1  
    1313I know I can put the commandline options into xpra configuration file. However, out of habit this is how I run xpra:
    1414on workstation:
    1516XPRA_CLIPBOARD_LIMIT=30 xpra --xvfb='Xorg -noreset -nolisten tcp +extension GLX +extension RANDR +extension RENDER -logfile ${HOME}/.xpra/Xvfb-10.log  -config ${HOME}/.xpra/xorg.conf' start :100 --bind-tcp=
    17 on client: XPRA_SET_WORKSPACE=1 xpra --encoding=rgb --packet-encoder=rencode --speaker=off --speaker-code=wav --compressor=lz4 --desktop-scaling=off attach tcp:workstation:10000
     18on client:
     20XPRA_SET_WORKSPACE=1 xpra --encoding=rgb --packet-encoder=rencode --speaker=off --speaker-code=wav --compressor=lz4 --desktop-scaling=off attach tcp:workstation:10000
    1923I'm on local LAN so I don't need authentication or encryption. I use raw tcp packets so that it is faster.