Xpra: Ticket #1308: nvenc support for 10-bit modes with HEVC

Follow up from #1260 (nvenc 7) and #909 (10-bit colour).

According to NVIDIA VIDEO CODEC SDK: HEVC 10-bit encoding (..) require Pascal generation GPUs.

According to the docs:

The "each pixel of size 2 bytes" looks wrong to me (probably true for YUV formats only): this conflicts with "A2B10G10R10" / "A2R10G10B10". It looks like plain 32-bit data (2 alpha + 3*10 bit) we get from X11, which would be nice. Another way would be to use nvenc via ffmpeg (ie: added support for 10 bit HEVC encoding), meh.

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See also #1347, #1317, #1823.

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As per NvEncodeAPI Data structures: NV_ENC_BUFFER_FORMAT_ABGR10 : 10 bit Packed A2B10G10R10. This is a word-ordered format where a pixel is represented by a 32-bit word with R in the lowest 10 bits, G in the next 10 bits, B in the 10 bits after that and A in the highest 2 bits.

Done in r26968.

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