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04/16/18 16:24:31 (3 years ago)
Antoine Martin

The Xpra version I am using is 0.17.6+dfsg-1+b3 from Debian on both client and server, but I observed the problem with older versions.

This version is fundamentally broken and insecure, do not use. For more information, see wiki/Packaging/DistributionPackages

Unless proven otherwise, window placement is the responsibility of the window manager running on the client - whatever that is. Most window managers will refuse to place windows off-screen, for obvious reasons. You may get more diagnostics by running the client with "-d geometry", but this is unlikely to expose the window manager's window placement policy.


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    initial v1  
    1111But the problem is not specific to Fvwm: I just reproduced it starting the Xpra client in Xephyr without a window manager and moving the window with xdotool:
    13 ```
    1414DISPLAY=:1 xdotool windowmove 0x200081 1279 10
    1515DISPLAY=:1 xdotool windowmove 0x200081 1280 10
    16 ```
    1818After the first command, the left edge of the window is still visible on the right of the screen. After the second command, the window jumps back immediately. On the other hand, nothing happens if I move the window to a negative position, even way beyond the edge of the screen.
    2424The command line I used to start it was:
    26 ```
    2727xpra --exit-with-children --start-child=xterm start ssh:ssecem:11
    28 ```
    3030The console output is:
    32 ```
    33332018-04-16 16:08:25,753 Xpra gtk2 client version 0.17.6-r14322
    34342018-04-16 16:08:25,753  running on Linux debian buster/sid
    49492018-04-16 16:08:31,914  running on Linux debian buster/sid
    50502018-04-16 16:08:31,915 enabled remote logging
    51 ```
    53 I do not see anything interesting in ```~/.xpra/:11.log```.
     53I do not see anything interesting in {{{~/.xpra/:11.log}}}.