Xpra: Ticket #1906: Package python2-xpra-client-2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5.x86_64.rpm is not signed


Platform: Centos 7.5.1804 Installation of xpra failed for the above as of yesterday 05.07.2018 It seems one of the packages is not being signed. This is on a vanilla Centos 7 install..

... snipped...
Dependencies Resolved
 Package                  Arch        Version                   Repository
 python2-netifaces        x86_64      0.10.7-1.el7_5            xpra       18 k
     replacing  python-netifaces.x86_64 0.10.4-3.el7
 xpra                     x86_64      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra       67 k
Installing for dependencies:
 atlas                    x86_64      3.10.1-12.el7             base      4.5 M
 blas                     x86_64      3.4.2-8.el7               base      399 k
 cups-filesystem          noarch      1:1.6.3-35.el7            base       96 k
 cups-filters             x86_64      1.0.35-22.el7             base      296 k
 cups-filters-libs        x86_64      1.0.35-22.el7             base       92 k
 ffmpeg-xpra              x86_64      4.0.1-1.el7_5             xpra      2.1 M
 gtk2-immodule-xim        x86_64      2.24.31-1.el7             base       17 k
 gtkglext-libs            x86_64      1.2.0-22.el7_5            xpra      110 k
 lapack                   x86_64      3.4.2-8.el7               base      5.4 M
 libfakeXinerama          x86_64      0.1.0-3.el7_5             xpra      7.3 k
 libvpx-xpra              x86_64      1.7.0-1.el7_5             xpra      711 k
 libwebp-xpra             x86_64      1.0.0-1.el7_5             xpra      218 k
 numpy                    x86_64      1:1.7.1-13.el7            base      2.8 M
 pangox-compat            x86_64      0.0.2-2.el7               epel       56 k
 poppler-utils            x86_64      0.26.5-17.el7_4           base      168 k
 pygtkglext               x86_64      1.1.0-16.xpra1.el7_5      xpra      121 k
 python-cups              x86_64      1.9.63-6.el7              base       75 k
 python-nose              noarch      1.3.7-1.el7               base      276 k
 python-setproctitle      x86_64      1.1.6-5.el7               base       15 k
 python-websockify        noarch      0.8.0-1.el7_5             xpra       67 k
 python2-lz4              x86_64      0.11.1-1.el7_5            xpra       27 k
 python2-pillow           x86_64      5.1.0-1.el7_5             xpra      915 k
 python2-pycuda           x86_64      2017.1.1-1                xpra      612 k
 python2-pynvml           x86_64      7.352.0-2                 xpra       35 k
 python2-pyopengl         x86_64      3.1.1a1-9xpra1.el7_5      xpra      2.3 M
 python2-pytools          noarch      2016.2.1-3.el7_5          xpra      113 k
 python2-pyu2f            x86_64      0.1.4-2                   xpra       50 k
 python2-rencode          x86_64      1.0.5-7.xpra1.el7_5       xpra       59 k
 python2-xpra             x86_64      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra      2.5 M
 python2-xpra-client      x86_64      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra      556 k
 python2-xpra-server      x86_64      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra      730 k
 qpdf-libs                x86_64      5.0.1-3.el7               base      328 k
 turbojpeg                x86_64      1.2.90-5.el7              base      123 k
 x264-xpra                x86_64      20180401-1.el7_5          xpra      442 k
 xpra-common              noarch      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra      317 k
 xpra-common-client       noarch      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra       70 k
 xpra-common-server       noarch      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra      109 k
 xpra-html5               noarch      2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5      xpra      1.7 M
Transaction Summary
Install  2 Packages (+38 Dependent packages)
Total size: 28 M
Is this ok [y/d/N]: y
Downloading packages:
Package python2-xpra-client-2.3.3-1.r19845.el7_5.x86_64.rpm is not signed

Here is the repo information that was used:

name=xpra $releasever - $basearch

Because of the unsigned package, it is impossible to install xpra using the xpra repositories. Would you kindly help to look and see if that package could be signed?

Thank you.

Fri, 06 Jul 2018 07:06:13 GMT - Antoine Martin: owner changed; milestone set

Sorry about that, I was rushing and must have ran the signing whilst the packages were still being uploaded. (not sure why it still worked when I did a test install though.. since none of the centos 7.5 packages were signed)

Try again now. (you may need to run "yum clean all" to force it to re-download)

Fri, 06 Jul 2018 07:26:05 GMT - Caleb Khor: status changed; resolution set

Thanks, it is indeed working, I can install xpra now. :)

Sat, 23 Jan 2021 05:36:56 GMT - migration script:

this ticket has been moved to: https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/issues/1906