Xpra: Ticket #224: synchronized X11 calls and performance

In trying to fix support for running gtkperf, I found out that r1783 (use synchronized X11 calls by default) caused a fairly big performance regression. The problem is that we cannot simply go back to unsynchronized calls because then we get random blowups in unpredictable places when the system is stressed:

So I've mitigated this by optimizing the hell out of the critical codepaths, see: r2307, r2303, r2302, r2294, r2291, r2290, r2275, r2271, r2270, r2269. Including writing an inlined cython version of trap.call for get_pywindow (see r2289). Also, we now try to group more X11 calls before calling XSync (see r2281) and we keep broken window models around longer to avoid attempting to create them dozens of time before giving up: we take a shortcut (see r2304), which also fixes a bug where the same gdk window would end up having dozens of event receivers (as made apparent by r2267). I've reviewed every single call to trap.call and trap.swallow and replaced them with their more explicit counterpart (sync/unsynced), see: r2285, r2284, r2282, r2280, r2279, r2277, r2276 The general rule is to use synced calls when not in the critical path (ie: during setup or rare/important events) or when we must ensure a consistent state (ie: setting up window model wrappers, etc) - there are only a few cases where we can do unsynced calls: generally when we are certain that the call will be followed by another synced call before returning from the thread, or when the syscall is deemed safe. We now have much better support for profiling CPU usage: see r2298, r2297

What is left:

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shows most of the calls handling damage requests

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graph of calls for sending data via mmap

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UI thread side of network sending

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Also see X11 errors debugging wiki which has a sample error.py which can be used to debug or trace these sync issues.

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Looks like pretty much every single X11 call needs to be synced to prevent crashes later on.. sigh

This caused #258

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