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Changes between Version 2 and Version 3 of Ticket #2312, comment 11

07/26/19 09:21:22 (3 years ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #2312, comment 11

    v2 v3  
    1616* size limit: clipboard transfers are not rate-limited, so maybe we should re-use the file-transfer code for chunking them? or downsize the image if we find that the data is too big? (16MB is now the limit - which is pretty big for one packet!)
    1717* we don't test for the "png" clipboard feature in the browser, only for the new API availability - though in practice the end result is almost the same: if copying images is not supported then it will fail but transferring an image as plain text is unlikely to be useful anyway (ie: with eog, you get the file path as text, which is not useful)
     18* having {{{clipit}}} running can still cause problem, even though we try to ignore it
    1819* some clipboard attributes should be refactored: #2370
    1920* when sharing the same session with multiple clients, the type of data transferred for clipboard copying will change depending on what the client is capable of handling (should work - not tested)