Xpra: Ticket #2765: xpra bug-report collecting sensitive information

Hi, I wonder if it is really necessary for the bug-report tool to collect certain pieces of information, given that they will be pasted on a public forum. For instance, I wonder if it is necessary to spill out the public hostname and a valid username of a machine at the same time. My fault not to check before pasting, but I think many people will do like me particularly if they are in a hurry.

Fri, 15 May 2020 01:24:46 GMT - Antoine Martin: status changed; resolution set

There are toggles to choose what gets included.

Every bit of information can be useful, including usernames, hostnames, connection information, etc.

Fri, 15 May 2020 22:36:54 GMT - callegar:

System toggle is described as "Xpra version, platform and host information". May I suggest that this is at least made a bit more explicit like "Xpra version, platform and host information including hostname and account information".

Sat, 16 May 2020 13:17:17 GMT - Antoine Martin: description changed

Done in r26362 + r26363.

Hostnames will be partly obfuscated, ie:

Sat, 16 May 2020 14:28:54 GMT - callegar:

Thanks. May I also suggest obfuscating also the full name of the user? Does not matter to me, but may be appreciated by some...

Sat, 16 May 2020 15:44:08 GMT - stdedos: cc set

Sat, 23 Jan 2021 06:00:08 GMT - migration script:

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