Xpra: Ticket #286: fancy input methods can interfere and break the keyboard

If you start xpra from an environment which has input methods defined, the applications that you start will inherit those settings (and they might be global anyway via gconf or whatever?) and in some cases the application will be completely unable to use the keyboard!

Here are some of the environment variables that we may want to filter out, or even hardcode to sensible values that will not interfere with what we do:

#QT_IM_MODULE as above?

Bonus difficulty: GTK and QT can lookup the immodule to use from the xsettings, which we forward from the client... I am starting to think that we shouldn't just copy the xsettings blindly (breaks multi-user for example) and that we should just deal with individual xsettings explicitly (like we do for dpi). So, clearing the module is not sufficient for now, we have to override the xsettings with the "good" value. (whatever that is)

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Documentation on those things is pretty scarce, r2922 tries to force all these things off... (and includes rpm dep update for gtk's 'xim' input module wherever appropriate)


Will need testing on:

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No-one complained, and if someone does, we'll re-open this ticket.

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Someone complained, see #634

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this ticket has been moved to: https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/issues/286