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Opened 19 months ago

Closed 19 months ago

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#2924 closed defect (fixed)

ssh suddenly ignored in config file?

Reported by: Lukas Haase Owned by: Lukas Haase
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: client Version: 4.0.x
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I have *.xpra config files for my Windows system.
Some of them contain ssh= lines that always used to work (they prevent querying my agent and supply dedicated key files directly).

Recently I upgraded to 4.0.3 and it seems this option is ignored now.

Example in config:

ssh=c:\\Program Files\\Xpra\\plink.exe -noagent -T -i o:\\key.ppk

This will query the agent and then ask me for a password (I think via pamiko frontend). Also if I add random things like -DoesNotExist ... the pamiko thing will be used.

However, starting from command line works:

"c:\Program Files\Xpra\Xpra_cmd.exe" attach --ssh="c:\\Program Files\\Xpra\\plink.exe -noagent -T -i o:\\key.ppk" --username=lukas ssh://lukas@


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comment:1 Changed 19 months ago by Antoine Martin

Owner: changed from Antoine Martin to Lukas Haase

Recently I upgraded to 4.0.3 and it seems this option is ignored now.

FYI: 4.0.4 is the current version.
What version did you have before that?

OTOH, this could be something to do with the \\.

Can you please run with -d ssh (or try to add debug=ssh to your .xpra file) and post the output? (on windows the xpra-launcher log file is found in `%APPDATA%)

comment:2 Changed 19 months ago by Lukas Haase

Hi Martin

Thanks for your quick response!

  • Just upgraded to 4.0.4 -> no changes
  • Unfortunately I don't remember (I upgraded a few montha ago). But it must have been >1 years older version

Here is the log output. It is now evident that paramiko is used:

2020-11-07 03:31:30,325 Xpra GTK3 client version 4.0.4-r27557 64-bit
2020-11-07 03:31:30,327  running on Microsoft Windows 10
2020-11-07 03:31:30,363 Warning: failed to import opencv:
2020-11-07 03:31:30,364  No module named 'cv2'
2020-11-07 03:31:30,364  webcam forwarding is disabled
2020-11-07 03:31:30,806 GStreamer version 1.18.0 for Python 3.8.5 64-bit
2020-11-07 03:31:30,952 paramiko socket_connect: sockname=('', 55707), peername=('', 1984)
2020-11-07 03:31:30,980 Connected (version 2.0, client OpenSSH_7.6p1)
2020-11-07 03:31:31,060 do_ssh_paramiko_connect_to(<paramiko.Transport at 0x6316fa0 (cipher aes128-ctr, 128 bits) (connected; awaiting auth)>, '', 'lukas', '', {'hostname': '*'}, ['C:\\Users\\lukas/.ssh\\id_ed25519', 'C:\\Users\\lukas/.ssh\\id_ecdsa', 'C:\\Users\\lukas/.ssh\\id_rsa', 'C:\\Users\\lukas/.ssh\\id_dsa'], {'type': 'ssh', 'remote_xpra': ['$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/xpra/run-xpra', 'xpra', '/usr/local/bin/xpra', '~/.xpra/run-xpra', 'Xpra_cmd.exe'], 'proxy_command': ['_proxy'], 'display': ':1984', 'display_as_args': [':1984'], 'ssh': 'c:\\\\Program Files\\\\Xpra\\\\plink.exe -P 22 -noagent -T -i o:\\\\key.ppk', 'is_putty': False, 'is_paramiko': True, 'ssh-port': 1984, 'username': 'lukas', 'host': '', 'local': False, 'full_ssh': ['c:\\Program', 'Files\\Xpra\\plink.exe', '-P', '22', '-noagent', '-T', '-i', 'o:\\key.ppk', '-l', 'lukas', '-p', '1984', '-T', ''], 'password': '', 'display_name': 'ssh:'})
2020-11-07 03:31:31,061 SSH transport <paramiko.Transport at 0x6316fa0 (cipher aes128-ctr, 128 bits) (connected; awaiting auth)>
2020-11-07 03:31:31,061 remote_server_key=MD5:a2:b2:34:07:ee:eb:61:4a:26:39:cf:6f:be:b3:fe:ec
2020-11-07 03:31:31,063 HostKeys.load(C:\Users\lukas/.ssh/known_hosts) successful
2020-11-07 03:31:31,064 host keys=<paramiko.hostkeys.HostKeys object at 0x0000000007b93340>
2020-11-07 03:31:31,064 ed25519 host key 'MD5:a2:b2:34:07:ee:eb:61:4a:26:39:cf:6f:be:b3:fe:ec' OK for host ''
2020-11-07 03:31:31,064 starting authentication, authentication methods: ['none', 'agent', 'key', 'password']
2020-11-07 03:31:31,064 auth=none
2020-11-07 03:31:31,064 trying none authentication
2020-11-07 03:31:31,151 auth_none()

if is helps, this is the full .xpra file:

ssh=c:\\Program Files\\Xpra\\plink.exe -P 22 -noagent -T -i o:\\key.ppk

comment:3 Changed 19 months ago by Antoine Martin

r27849 fixes this, please try the latest windows beta build and let me know if that works for you.

comment:4 Changed 19 months ago by Lukas Haase

Installed r27849. Works nicely. Thanks!

comment:5 Changed 19 months ago by Antoine Martin

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:6 Changed 16 months ago by migration script

this ticket has been moved to: https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/issues/2924

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