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Opened 8 years ago

Last modified 6 months ago

#477 closed defect

libav crashes with Ubuntu 12.x and Debian Wheezy — at Initial Version

Reported by: Antoine Martin Owned by: Antoine Martin
Priority: critical Milestone: 0.11
Component: platforms Version:
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Moved from #457:

Here are the library versions found on each distro:

Distro avcodecx264
Ubuntu 13.10libavcodec53 - 0.8.9-0ubuntu- - 0.123.2189+git35cf912-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 13.04libavcodec53 - 0.8.9-0ubuntu- - 0.123.2189+git35cf912-1
Ubuntu 12.10libavcodec53 - 0.8.9-0ubuntu0.12.10.1libx264-123 - 0.123.2189+git35cf912-1
Ubuntu 12.04libavcodec53 - 0.8.9-0ubuntu0.12.04.1libx264-120 - 0.120.2151+gita3f4407-2
Debian Wheezylibavcodec53 - 0.8.9-1libx264-123 - 0.123.2189+git35cf912-1
Debian Jessielibavcodec54 - 9.10-1libx264-133 - 0.133.2339+git585324f-2
Debian Sidlibavcodec54 - 9.10-1libx264-133 - 0.133.2339+git585324f-2+b1

with 0.11 installed from source (circa r4957):

Distro RESSHRNotes
Ubuntu 13.1010031
Ubuntu 13.0414142
Ubuntu 12.10 (32bit/64bit)85 / 10029 / 31crashes reliably on decoder context freeing
Ubuntu 12.044715crashes reliably on decoder context freeing
Debian Wheezy7325crashes reliably
Debian Jessie10236
Debian Sid5520

with up to date 0.11 binary builds from beta area instead of compiled locally:

Distro RESSHRNotes
Ubuntu 13.1010434
Ubuntu 13.0414039
Ubuntu 12.105421 crashes?
Ubuntu 12.044615 crashes?
Debian Wheezy7527 crashes
Debian Jessie10038
Debian Sid9132

And with 0.10.10 beta binaries (with the updated patch):

Distro RESSHRNotes
Ubuntu 13.107226
Ubuntu 13.047727
Ubuntu 12.107828 crashes
Ubuntu 12.044715 crashes
Debian Wheezy6022
Debian Jessie6425 crash on resize - needs rebuild with new libav?

(crash was also present in previous versions!?)

With 0.10.10 from source:

Distro RESSHRNotes
Ubuntu 13.107226
Ubuntu 13.047526
Ubuntu 12.107930 crashes
Ubuntu 12.044214 crashes
Debian Wheezy5922
Debian Jessie6726

It would be worth spending a bit more time to figure out why the figures vary so widely! Some small variation was expected as some of the tests were carried out on x86, others on x86_64. (could be related to which codecs we load - though I thought each VM had pretty much the same setup..)

We need to figure out where the differences come from, and whether Ubuntu 12.x and Wheezy can be made to work reliably or not.

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