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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Ticket #539

03/19/14 15:31:49 (8 years ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #539

    • Property Owner changed from Antoine Martin to Antoine Martin
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  • Ticket #539 – Description

    initial v1  
    4 * [/ApplicationQuircks Application Quircks]: applications like google chrome that don't use the correct window hint types will be impossible to handle
     4* [/ApplicationQuircks Application Quircks]: applications like google chrome that don't use the correct window type hints will just be impossible to handle correctly
    55* refactoring needed for:
    66 * client window base vs client widget base common code
    7  * clicks, mouse, keyboard handling
    8  * opengl backing integration
     7 * clicks, mouse, keyboard handling, focus, etc
     8 * painting spinners
     9 * opengl backing integration (potentially big, could go with a simple pixmap backing to begin with: lots of memory copying, but client usually has CPU to spare anyway)
     10* pass icons and title to tab parent window
     11* missing code for: xid
     12* decide how to handle: applications that request a resize or move
     13* potentially very big: smooth scrolling (allow the server side window to be much bigger than what we display and use scrollbars to navigate it) - could be extended later so that the remote app cooperates in scrolling (so we can have a virtual window size much bigger than the server-side window area)
     14* handle maximize, fullscreen
     15* slow down the refresh for the tabs that aren't shown (but still update our back buffer so we can show them instantly when switching tabs)
     16* handling size hints, etc: we need to add the offset of our top bar (should be possible by modifying the base-size attribute on the fly?)
    1018I will attach a stub client that uses virtual "tab" windows (work in progress)