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10/30/15 12:30:07 (5 years ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #759, comment 25

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    1313@skew4: your bug also looks different from the original bug in this ticket.
    1414I finally got around to testing this on a Windows 7 box, and I see what "Windows+Left" and "Windows+Right" do. I can't seem to trigger the bug yet, but it sounds similar to some problems we have had before with Alt+Tab on various platforms: the key is trapped by the OS which then does the window resizing (or whatever), at which point we may lose the keyboard input and not realize the key has been unpressed. This may also have something to do with the multiple layouts. If I can reproduce it somehow, I should be able to fix it.. easier said than done. Do you have any clues with regards to the multiple keyboard layouts and how I should set things up to reproduce?
     16Can you please also try the [http://xpra.org/beta latest beta] (client and/or server) to see if it helps in any way?