Xpra: Ticket #943: Allow Windows to be directed to a specific client when using sharing

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proposed functionality:

new option:

window_per_client=on Enables this feature, to be used in conjunction with existing 'sharing' feature

possibly a new protocol command like: 'openclient <command>' where <command> is the shell command to run that (we would assume) would create a windowed application

Applications opened with this command would be 'associated' with the client who issued them and screen updates to this application would only be sent to the client who initiated them.

This would imply some association to be made between the windows an application starts and a specific client. This would rely on the application to properly set window properties to associate it's child windows.

Many questions still remain at this time and a more detailed spec is certainly required.

Assuming we can do the above, directing mouse and focus events to a specific application per client (and not others than may exist at the same screen co-ordinates) remains a large hurdle to overcome.

Requesting comments at this time.

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Should probably be closed as a duplicate of #489.

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