Xpra: Ticket #99: copying and pasting text to applications does not work - CLIPBOARD selection


I don't know when this broke but r377 works and r585 does not.

Was this supposedly already fixed in some commit? It definitely seems to be broken in r678 still.

The problem occurs with qt applications and also java: see jedit in ticket #104:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Failed to retrieve atom name.
 at sun.awt.X11.XlibWrapper.XGetAtomName(Native Method)
 at sun.awt.X11.XAtom.getName(XAtom.java:169)
 at sun.awt.X11.XDataTransferer.getTargetNameForAtom(XDataTransferer.java:123)
 at sun.awt.X11.XDataTransferer.getNativeForFormat(XDataTransferer.java:112)
 at sun.awt.datatransfer.DataTransferer.getFlavorsForFormats(DataTransferer.java:769)
 at sun.awt.datatransfer.ClipboardTransferable.<init>(ClipboardTransferable.java:72)
 at sun.awt.X11.XClipboard.getContents(XClipboard.java:84)
 at org.gjt.sp.jedit.Registers$ClipboardRegister.getTransferable(Registers.java:822)

Tue, 03 Apr 2012 10:20:02 GMT - Antoine Martin: status, description changed

Tue, 03 Apr 2012 11:05:10 GMT - Antoine Martin:

The relevant changesets and tickets are:

I can cut&paste to/from qt apps just fine with current trunk... it is hard to fix if I cannot reproduce the problem.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 06:31:27 GMT - Antoine Martin:

OK, got it, I always used double-click + middle-click to paste ("PRIMARY"), and that works ok. What does not work is "CLIPBOARD" (explicit "cut" and "paste" actions).

No idea why, but now that I know how to test, I should be able to do something about it.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 07:59:27 GMT - Antoine Martin: priority, summary, milestone changed

Also, it works fine from remote to local, just not from local to remote.

r700 makes it easier to turn on debugging for the clipboard class only: just change debug = log.debug to debug = log.info at the top of this file.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 08:36:21 GMT - Timo Juhani Lindfors:

Nice to hear that you can reproduce this.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 13:26:16 GMT - Antoine Martin:

Original ticket that was meant to fix qt+clipboard: #84

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:20:52 GMT - Antoine Martin:

Seeing that this could well be a problem with x11 atoms (as was #84), maybe a solution similar to #98 can apply here?

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 06:56:41 GMT - Antoine Martin: description, summary changed

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 17:22:43 GMT - Antoine Martin: status changed; resolution set

fixed in r705 + r706

Only r706 is really needed, but r705 "should" be correct.

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this ticket has been moved to: https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/issues/99