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This CSC module takes advantage of nvidia GPU's CUDA capability to parallelize the conversion process and speed things up. You may also consider using the OpenCL CSC module, which can also use the GPU and is more generic (not vendor specific).

csc_nvcuda Installation

  • you need to build xpra with the flag "--with-csc_nvcuda", since this module is not enabled by default.
  • you must use a sufficiently recent version of the nvidia video drivers, preferably obtained directly from nvidia, and not the nouveau drivers (which you should probably remove).
  • the build file relies on the presence of a standard pkgconfig file to find the CUDA libraries and headers. nvidia does not provide one with the SDK, so you will need to create one. You can use this example cuda.pc as a template.

Module Options

  • choose the device used with:
    XPRA_CUDA_DEVICE=N xpra ...

Where N is the device ID.

  • Use:
    XPRA_CUDA_DEBUG=1 xpra ...
    to get more information.

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